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Week of festivals in Moscow

For those who is not familiar with this event, say, that NuNote Lounge Fest is a festival of a modern jazz. The new, young music born of some months or couple of years back. Music - a whim, mood. Behind excellent mood also it is necessary to go in “ Archangelical “!

Whom we will hear?

this year on a scene “ Archangelical “ there are western stars: Pat Appleton - the vocalist of German group DePhazz who in parallel is engaged now in solo career, British INCOGNITO, Nightmares on Wax, Jazzanova (Germany), Italians brothers of Kekko and Mjuriel making magic Montefiori Coctail.

Russia will present VFSix, playing easy it is melancholic - capital music, Dj Valer - the founder of new musical style Vintage House and ZventaSventana - a creative child of musicians - performers of Hristiny Kuznetsovoj and Alena Romanovoj.

the Surprise from stars

participants already in an anticipation of the big feast. Some surprises for admirers are already prepared. At festival will pass some presentations of new albums. Soloist DePhazz Pat Appleton only - only has written down the first solo performance. Except it, Pat specially for festival has prepared some songs with Russian group VFSix.

The fresh album present   INCOGNITO - the group which does not have constant structure of participants. This album have already christened the encyclopaedia soul - music. In unexpected quality will act JAZZANOVA. These musicians were remembered to public by the remixes. But in “ Arkhangelsk “ they will appear as group and even will acquaint admirers with the soloist Clara Hill. Style of this native of Berlin name sweetsoul, and she considers not less important presence at the music of broken rhythms and rich harmonies.

Where: Memorial estate “ Archangelical “

How to reach

By the car: 5 - j km of Ilinsky highway, through Volokolamsk highway or a highway Moscow - Riga.

this year the festival parking settles down for TTS “ the CROCUS of CITY MOLL “. Each interested person can freely park the car near TTS and reach on festival by free buses.

On public transport: from the m. item “ Tushinsky “ by bus Ή 549 to ost. “ Archangelical “ or on a fixed-route taxi Ή 151 to ost. “ Sanatorium “.

When: on August, 25th, the beginning in 14. 00

the Price of tickets: 1000 rbl. and the VIP - the ticket - 3000 rbl.

By the way, in “ Arhaneglsky “ there is an excellent reservoir with prjazhem and boat station. So, gathering for festival, grasp with itself bathing accessories and come before to bathe!

And still grasp with itself rugs for sitting on a grass.

“ the Open sky “ on Arbate

For big cities of Europe festivals of street theatres - business habitual. In Moscow this movement only begins. On August, 25th necessarily come to city centre, take great pleasure!

the Author present festa “ the Open sky “ - the theatrical director, the known inventor and the lover of bright feasts Nina Chusova.

When - that, being still the student of the HOST, Chusova together with friends put the vulgar show in Gelendzhik and dreamt to build something similar and in pervoprestolnoj. Under Nina`s banners there were many the talented people, however corresponding state support it is undertaking has not found. But it at all did not mean that Nina will refuse the beautiful idea.  

As a result in streets of Moscow it will be possible to see those enthusiasts who have dared to arrive to capital for the money. These are seven collectives which within five hours will arrange street representations on Arbate. To public there are clowns, jugglers, conjurers, huge dolls, fantastic characters on stilts. Carnival processions are promised, and in the sky flights of kites, a streamer and confetti will shoot up.

in the Evening in TSPKiO it. Bitter there will pass the most entertainment part - performance of laboratory of street performance “ Fiery people “. The participants of collective already well familiar to Muscovites, once again will surprise with the relations of familiarity with fiery elements. They juggle with fire, dance with it, jump through fires and arrange still weight of surprising tricks.

Where: Arbat, the m. item “ Arbat “ the beginning in 13. 00. TSPKiO it. Bitter, the m. item “ culture Park “ the beginning in 21. 00

When: on August, 25th

the Input free


Today we play a musical album of the soloist of group DePhazz.

our Question, actually, also is connected with it. Tell, how named the debut plate Pat Appleton?

Variants of answers: Days of   Twang, What`s Next? Death by Ρhocolate.

we Wait from you for messages to the address: oksana it is strict today, on Thursday, on August, 23rd.