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Where in capital it is possible to bathe?


the Input free

One of the best beaches of Moscow: arranged well, well-groomed with pure water. In territory weight of nice small restaurants, booths with ice-cream. There is a hire of boats (3 - local: 100 rbl./ 60 minutes, 50 rbl./ 30 minutes; 4 - local: 120 rbl./ 60 minutes, 60 rbl./ 30 minutes) and water bicycles (100 rbl./ 60 minutes, 50 rbl./ 30 minutes) . For fans of productive leisure - football, volleyball platforms. For those who with the child, - a children`s playground. And also the remarkable wood zone belonging to park.

How to reach: the m. item “ the Warm camp “ and further by buses นน 227 and 144 to ost. “ Street of Academician Vinogradova “. Or by an electric train from the Kiev station to a platform of Vostrjakovo.

the Silver Pine forest

the Input: 50 rbl.

the Nature sanctuary of Moscow. Perhaps, the best and zhivopisnejshy from all capital beaches and traditional vacation spot of capital nudists. However, be not frightened, nudists sunbathe on a certain site and to adherents of rest in bathing suits close do not approach.

For bathing beaches น 2 and น 3 are opened. On a beach น 2 input free, and for an input on a beach น 3 it is necessary to pay 50 roubles.

As regards service it is difficult to think up more civilised place.

With 9. 00 to 22. 00 physicians and rescuers are on duty. The menu traditional: beer - from 50 rbl., a shish kebab - from 100 rbl., appetizers - suhariki, nutlets, vjalenaja a small fish - from 15 rbl.

How to reach: from the m. item “ Half-Ezhaevsky “ by a trolley bus น 21 or 20 - j to a minibus.


the Input: 30 rbl.

the Sandy arranged well beach. In a reservoir flowing, always pure water. Security having a rest is watched by rescuers.

a rest Zone have arranged recently, well having thought of needs of bathers. As a result here there is everything that is necessary for comfortable rest: locker rooms, toilets, fontanchiki with potable water, canopies from the sun, plank beds for rent. Except the standard complete set of conveniences - shower booths, locker rooms and free toilets, - there there are 4 cafes, two volleyball platforms, a first-aid post, “ a splash pool “ for children, a children`s playground, hire of boats and boats (from 200 rbl. at an o`clock). The entrance ticket: Everyday life - children till 6 years and invalids - it is free, children with 6 to 14 - 10 rbl., adult - 15 rbl.; days off - children till 6 years and invalids - 5 rbl., children with 6 to 14 - 15 rbl., adult - 30 rbl.

How to reach: from the m. item “ Youth “ by the bus or a minibus น 127.

“ the Big Garden pond “

the Input free

One of few artificial constructions of the capital which have saved and in the XXI-st century the protogenic shape. A beach small, but cosy. Besides, around park with all infrastructure necessary for rest - cafes, restaurants (a shish kebab - from 120 rbl., beer - from 20 rbl., salads - from 50 rbl.) .

How to reach: the m. item “ Timirjazevsky “ street Big Academic, 38เ.

on the Academic ponds

the Input - 50 rbl.

the Beach accepts the Beach having a rest with 8. 00 to 0. 00.   Convenient calling in water that is important for having a rest with children. A bottom sandy.

There is a boat station. It works with 13. 00 to 22. 00. Boat hire costs 150 rbl./ hour, a catamaran - 120 rbl./ hour. There are locker rooms,   the toilet, cafe, works life-saving station.     the children`s playground is equipped.

By the way, parkings near a beach are not present. So it is necessary to throw a car in one of nearby court yard.

How to reach: from the m. item “ Petrovsko - Razumovsky “ by bus น 204, minibuses นน 132, 661.