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In Ufa judge the teacher for mockeries on pervoklashkoj

In   that day 8 - summer Damir has a little plaid pranks on change: has squabbled with the schoolmate.

Usual children`s quarrel. The girl offended by Damirom, has burst into tears. When the teacher has returned to a class Anna Sergeevna, she has decided to put things in order in mutual relations of children, but has made it in the a bit unusual way.

- Damir, leave to a board, - has ordered the teacher.

the Boy has looked down and has refused to rise from a place. Then Anna Sergeevna two times has struck the child a pointer - one blow has had on a back, another - on a head. For strengthening of pedagogical effect the teacher has called the kid the freak . Also has indifferently continued a mathematics lesson.

When employment have ended, Damira of visors from school the grandfather. The boy was very sad, to inquiries responded nothing. And when the little boy began to change clothes at home, the grandfather has simply gasped: The side at the child was all red. In fracture clinic have testified a bruise and grazes.

- I have there and then gone to school to demand explanations, - tells mother of boy Gulnara. - But to talk to me wanted nobody, I was avoided simply. And after all the director could settle all peacefully, invite the teacher and talk together.

Having talked to the son, Gulnara has found out that the teacher spent indicative ekzekutsii over Damirom within all year. For the slightest fault thrashed him on a head a pointer: left in a toilet without demand, has loudly laughed. And constantly named the child the freak are schoolmates of the boy in the face of whom occurred " confirm; education Damira.

- it is visible, Damir already considered that it is in the order of things, and did not complain at all, - with horror the woman speaks. - before all was found out, he shouted often in the sleep: Only do not beat me! I thought that it at it with boys conflicts. And when has learnt truth, at me simply hair have on end risen.

Damir - the live, mobile boy, a bit restless as it happens often at small children to cope with such pupil difficultly enough. And Anna Sergeevna has counted it as a sufficient occasion to beating pervoklashki.

- I had problems in private life, - explained on interrogations in Office of Public Prosecutor the teacher the behaviour.

Now on the teacher have got criminal case on 156 - j to article Inadequate execution by the teacher of duties on education of the minor, connected to the cruel reference with it .

-                 Materials are already passed in court, - tells Vilora KAMALETDINOVA, and. An island of the assistant to the public prosecutor of Lenin area of Ufa. - the teacher is threatened with corrective works or the penalty. Also the rights to work at school can deprive of it.


the Principal in which Damir studies:

- Anna Sergeevna - the teacher with 17 - the summer experience. Quiet, sustained, professional. Having learnt about the arisen situation, we tried to contact parents, but they did not go on contact. Besides there was all not how they describe. Damir has kicked the girl in area of genitals, and Anna Sergeevna, having seen this disgrace, a reserve slightly its pointer, having told: So it is impossible .

nobody informed us On criminal case, so about any dismissal of speech while is not present.