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Children, which steels parents, and the princesses who have got to slavery

of the Fairy tale for women

On the First channel - a premiere of a documentary film the Arabian fairy tales for the lonely woman . These are stories of the Russian girls who have married for east princes . Today many our beauties search happiness in the east: they leave after favourite in Turkey, Egypt, the Emirates. It seems to them that life there becomes a fairy tale. But sometimes all turns to a nightmare. For example, Russian beauty Olesya can communicate with mum only by means of SMS. When the husband and the mother-in-law leave the house, she writes at once to mum that is live. And then   hides this - a map from phone behind a plinth. 10 years ago Olesya has married Ibragima who has taken away favourite in the Emirates. In another`s country Olesya has got to the present slavery. It is forbidden to it to wear the European clothes, to leave the house, to communicate with someone, except the husband. It beat for the slightest fault. Once Olesya managed to escape to mum to Russia. But Ibragim has arrived, was sorry, has convinced the wife that will be corrected, will concern it as to the person. Olesya has believed, has returned to the husband. And the nightmare has begun anew...

the Arabian fairy tales for the lonely woman Saturday, on August, 25th, 10. 50 Moscow time, the FIRST.

On NTV in Ekaterina Gordeevoj`s transfer the Trade - the reporter will tell about the pregnant woman - to a cat from vagrant circus. She risks not born child, showing the most complicated tricks. Its colleagues - actors too do not stop before what to surprise blase public. They, for example, juggle with own children. Their representations are outlawed. But high wire acts on a fun to spectators is their unique way of existence.

the Trade - the reporter   Saturday, on August, 25th, 19. 40 Moscow time, the FIRST.

Cyril Nabutov is not afraid of the most terrible subjects.

Children, which steels parents

All little girls dream of the big and pure love. But as it is frequent these crystal dreams break about the ferro-concrete validity! On NTV in Cyril Nabutova`s transfer One day. The new version will tell about little girls from the Petersburg Center for minor mothers. For inhabitants of this centre pure the love has turned back early pregnancy and treachery of they have believed in what feelings. So happens with 14 - summer Serafimoj. She is a usual teenager. Likes to watch TV and play the fool with girl-friends. But on all it at it almost does not remain to time because there are others, absolutely not children`s, cares: the girl should look after the six-month-old daughter Darinoj. Seraphim - diligent mother. She regularly visits with Darinoj of doctors and does not pass feeding. Of the future is not afraid. Is afraid to tell only to the father that study at school goes worse than ever - young mum has no time to sit over textbooks.

In Rostov-on-Don there lives other girl, the coeval Seraphims. And at it already two children. And now small mum waits for the third kid. So in this case at school it is not necessary to speak about study at all.

One day. The new version Sunday, on August, 26th, 16. 25 Moscow time, NTV.