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Legendary figure skaters Natalia LINICHUK and Gennady KARPONOSOV: Before “ Dances on ice “ were stirred, how on the Olympic Games!

... They did not dance. They as if flied over the cold dark blue space, gleaming different fires. Her hands flitted as the butterfly, she looked, as something weightless, ephemeral. And it fell before it on knees, released and again turned in embraces. When this magic has ended, around became so silently that it seemed to me, as if throughout all dance nobody breathed.

- All of them same, it is possible to go mad of them, - has broken silence the director, “ banishing “ Natalia Linichuk and Gennady Karponosova`s number for gala - a concert “ Dances on ice “. And after all repeated world champions and Europe, the Olympic champions of 1980 left on ice together only the second time for 26 years!

“ Ice to us gave with pity “

Natalia Linichuk and Gennady Karponosov are more likely known to people of the senior generation. The first international tournament of this pair has taken place in 1972. In four years they participated in the Olympic games in Innsbruck. Have taken the fourth place. It was the big achievement, after all dances on ice in 1976 for the first time were included into the program of the Olympic games. In two their years the triumph in the World championship expected, in 1980 - m they became the Olympic champions. Have then begun trainer`s career, and 14 years ago to them have proposed, which they could not refuse...

Gennady: - In the beginning 90 - h we trained Grishchuk and Platova, to Krylov and Ovsyannikov, Lobachyov and Averbuha... Oksana Grishchuk in 1994 - m has won the Olympic Games. And thus we did not have money that it is elementary to pay for ice rent! To us with pity allowed to go for a drive on credit.  

Natalia: - Us have invited with our pupils to America. Have allocated habitation, have provided medical insurances, a food, ice were free. We also did not wish the best. 14 years we work there, have grown up the daughter.

- It has not gone on your stops?

Natalia: - When we have suggested it to try, she has told that for one family of three figure skaters it is too much. In the childhood she was engaged in ballroom dances, is the double champion of the USA in the category. And has now finished prestigious high school where studied the international relations, questions of global security and economy.

- But after “ the time of troubles “ in Russia nevertheless have started to erect new objects, to advance various sports programs. There was no desire to return?

Gennady: - For these years we had many offers to move to Moscow, to us even offered the skating rink. But the question rests against a salary. For today the Russian trainers receive very little - from two hundred dollars a month! They are urged to turn, give any private lessons constantly. In America, as well as at us, the salary depends on a rating, but there the minimum is received by 20 dollars for 40 minutes.

Natalia: - For this reason on any American skating rink you can find the Russian trainer. And now not a rarity when Russians represent figure skaters of New Zealand, Australia or Southern Africa.

After victory on the Olympic games in 1980 the country carried them on hands.
a photo: ITAR - TASS

“ We went for a drive together ten years ago “

- That has motivated to participate in “ Dances on ice “?

Natalia: - We have stopped to go for a drive in 1981 after that seldom enough left on ice. And together last time went for a drive ten years ago when Americans have suggested to participate in demonstration performances of the former Olympic champions.

Gennady: - Represent, figure skaters 30 more - h there have gathered years. Not that that could not dance some, were on the last legs. Them when put on a pedestal, behind propped up just in case... But it was all the same interesting. Unfortunately, in America such projects happen seldom. And, when to us have called from Russia, we were delighted. Were stirred not less, than before the Olympic Games.

- you have prepared any especial number?

Natalia: - We long consulted on the director, there was an idea to make something new, but eventually have stopped on the potpourri from our old programs. I think, public who remembers us and loves, with pleasure will remember those times.

- If to you have suggested to judge show, you would agree?

Natalia: - I have left The judicial experience very much for a long time. I remember, how once me have invited to judge any small competitions where participated only 18 - 20 steams. Approximately 17 of them I have put on the first place -   I simply could not put a bad estimation.

Gennady: - Me it would be difficult, in - the first, dances are the most subjective kind from all kinds of figure skating. And if to consider that many our pupils whom we very much love till now here act, I would judge absolutely biassedly.

“ the Professional will dance though with a case “

- to how much difficult professional to go for a drive with the nonprofessional?

Gennady: - Know, the real professional can go for a drive even with a case. It is important, that it conducted the partner then the beginner will be kept.  

- Probably, one of the most important dangers - traumas? What especially extended?

Natalia: is it is impossible to foresee. There are absolutely improbable situations. For example, Anzhelika Krylov very long suffered affliction from - for back traumas. And has received it absolutely ridiculously. In full operation   the fad has come off, and it ran into a corner of a shutter of gate. It had inhuman pains after that... Therefore it is necessary to be more careful. Especially on “ dry “ it is much more difficult to ice to go for a drive. We, for example, had to be accustomed long.

- On the project people come to master a science which professional figure skaters master since the early childhood. What you can advise to beginners?

Natalia: - I remember a case when shortly before the Olympic games of 1994 Oksana Grishchuk has fallen ill with high temperature. 21 its day could not put on feet. For the sportsman 21 day without trainings are equivalent to suicide. Before the Olympic Games passed the European championship, and Oksana left there on ice practically without preparation! She has merited prize-winning places in the championship, and in three weeks has won the Olympic games. Therefore the main thing in figure skating is a persistence.

Gennady: - Sportsmen speak so if you have not so well shown yourself, do not lower a hand. Gather and show that you are capable on bolshee. It and is important for remembering.


this Sunday on the channel “ Russia “ the project " will begin; Dances on ice. “The velvet season“ “. Names of stars - participants will hold in the strict secret to the premiere. We managed to learn, who has entered into number of professionals: Ruslan Goncharov, Alexey Urmanov, Arthur Dmitrys, Oksana Kazakova, Oksana Grishchuk, Marina Klimov, Tatyana Basova, Elena Grushin, Victor Petrenko, Marina Inisina, Peter Tchernyshev, Sergey Ponomarenko. And here judges leave in old structure. Will estimate figure skaters Nikolay Tsiskaridze, Elena Chajkovsky, Igor Bobrin, Andrey Minenkov and Irina Moiseyev.