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Sergey Bezrukov`s wife has removed from the husband damage

Recently public people trust the secret secrets not to psychoanalysts, and sorcerers and psychics. And if about ten years ago the hobby for magic was only style now despaired independently to solve the problems of a star go to seers and gadateljam.

it became known that the special arrangement at celebrities was got the psychic and kosmoenergetik by Lyudmila Nikolaevna Eremina. It conducts reception in a city situated near Moscow Visible. We have met the popular psychic firsthand to learn, why actors are converted to it behind the help.

On a platform - entirely envy and malefices

- Not a secret that now many stars have hit in a fashionable cabbala and the other mysticism. With what it is connected?

- Stars - the same people, as well as we. I think that to us - to psychics - they come only because search for protection. You know what to survive in their environment uneasy: around envy, malefices, love spells, damage. And to me those people who stand on the brink of a precipice come. The happy person to me will not come.

But I am not engaged in magic and sorcery.  

- Many consider that psychics simply make a fool of heads to people and extort from celebrities money?

- I help often people free of charge. In villages earlier on a broader scale for it money did not take, and now understand: office rent the expensive... And on a broader scale our sessions inexpensive - from 650 to two thousand roubles. At once I will tell that I do not give any announcements, people to me come behind the help. It is possible to speak as much as necessary about unconscientiousness of our conventual community, but the facts are the facts: at my clients such dreadful diseases, as polikistoz, a stomach ulcer, a drug addiction and even a cancer disappear. The main thing - desire of the person to recover. Besides health, through contact to space we receive knowledge, parting words, wishes. All visions make sense, it is necessary only to be able to explain them for itself, not to be afraid to talk with coming images. Everyone can find communication with the sky.

- And who from stars visits psychics?

- the Repeat client singer Vitas. It already and itself has reached such heights that can treat people. Came behind the help, and now and study as psychics Boris Grebenshchikov and Andrey Makarevich.

We with group of healers go often in various holy sites. On such trip I have got acquainted with Irina and Sergey Bezrukovymi. They   very light people. Irina already is a lot of years   is fond kosmoenergetikoj. We together went to India, to dzhajnam. Learnt to meditate in   Delhi...

We together visited   ancient temples, were in the Himalayas. Understand, Bezrukovy have come to us because at Sergey many fans, and not all of them bear positive power. I think, someone tried to charm Bezrukov, and someone sent on it damage. Certainly Irina has made everything to remove from the husband damage and all saved up for years of popularity a negative.

- Irina itself can remove damage?

- Yes, at it natural abilities. And here Sergey while does not possess such force.

- And how take place your sessions?

- First of all I cure people of illnesses space energy. In the people this session name driving out a demon. I begin course of treatment with exile from the person of powers of darkness because in each of us there is a nayward. Sometimes after sessions people start to bark, someone toshnit, shout are all there is a negative.

- And Bezrukov passed a ceremonial of exile of the evil spirit?

- Yes, as well as all people who are converted to psychics. With the person it is impossible to work, if it zashlakovan powers of darkness.

ask to Charm often

- And somebody from stars came to charm the favourite with the request?

- With different requests come. Ask to charm very often. But I try not to accept such people. A love spell it is malicious. I remember, how we with my friend - the healer sat on the program Windows at Dmitry Nagieva. Also have seen that on it of hundred love spells!

there Came to me actress Marina Aleksandrova. For the first time there was one. Very much to it it was bad from love, this love has finished it to a power exhaustion. I have advised to bring the beloved to me. They have arrived then together is there was actor Alexander Domogarov.

It was visible that Marina very much loves it.

- And Pugacheva to you was not converted?

- Is not present. She possesses very strong power. Besides it has people, speak, Alla Borisovna goes to the sorcerer who lives where - that in deaf wood.