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Officials wanted to make profit of the national project

to Earn additionally on realisation of the national project the head of settlement Tsarevsky in Pushkin area Nikolay Popov has solved under the usual scheme. Rural the mayor and its assistant Alexey Kolesnikov have entrusted responsible work on repair of bathrooms in local kindergartens of one of firms. Money has for this purpose allocated from all the same government program. And 10 percent from the sum as assumes a consequence, have demanded to themselves in quality thanks for lobbying of interests.
someone has informed On shady affairs of rural officials in UBEP. Fighters with economic crimes began to study a couple and conducted until grateful firmachi have not appointed to promoters a meeting. To take away money of Priests has sent the assistant Kolesnikov. That have detained at reception of 40 thousand roubles. Soon ubepovtsy have come and for the head of settlement.
Concerning Nikolay Popova the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow Region has filed criminal charges under article reception by the official of a bribe on arrangement by a group of persons, to extortion . Kolesnikov is pursued under article complicity in reception of a bribe by the official .
- Both suspects while have released under a subscription about nevyezde, - has explained to us official representative Mosoblprokuratury Elena Rassohina. - In the near future it will bring accusation.
For Nikolay Popova, as we know, exposure became serious blow. Its health has sharply worsened, and now the head of settlement is in a preceding infarction status.