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Rest - a high, study - lazha

Fathers with mums, only is quieter! Were reserved validolchikom - and on a school market. You more so much new and interesting should learn on the eve of September, 1st! The blessing publishers and sellers of school production do not allow to start missing.

Here which year on the eve of September, 1st “ spends spetskonkurs “ the Award of Anti - Barto “ for founders of the most insipid and silly school editions. And each time seems: that`s all, by next Day knowledge of applicants for the award does not remain... As!

In struggle for the consumer - let and young and more not always understanding a side between platitude and taste - all means are good. Only dengu give. Last week PR managers capital TSUMa, for example, have caused a stir, having hanged out multimeter advertising of the goods by September, 1st “ Who not in PRADA - that sucker! “ “ and that? - They when the people were indignant were surprised. - At us the shop road, here public also is involved by address advertising “.

On the same logic publishers operate also. The poshlee and is sillier - the better.

Journalists in Moscow and in other cities have walked on school fairs and markets and have typed the next mount of writing-books and diaries with rather strange covers for educational process.

the Cover from Rostov: “ Catch a freebie! “ what thoughts can appear under such cover?

Kreativshchiki from Perm, probably, wanted as better. But experts youth slenga have seen here propagation of drugs.

the Polygraphic masterpiece found in Murmansk. The maiden dressed in style sado - mazo, urges to pass examination neither much nor a little on Russian. After such that to be surprised, when teenagers communicate in language “ rzhunimagu “?

the Special last word in fashion - writing-books with the covers stylised under magazine “ the Glamour “ and is and on the contrary - with a mark: “ it is not recommended to glamour girls “. In general, to everyone the. (It is bought in Stavropol.)

the Comment of the psychologist

Nikolay the VLADIMIRSKIY, school teacher - the psychologist:

- Fine I know reaction of teenagers to indignation of parents: “ Yes you of that? Same it is cool! “ a pier, you, fathers with mums, have lagged behind life. The sillier cover, the is more there than elements, potrafljajushchih to taste of teenagers, that is better it is on sale.

Writing-books exchange, jokes from covers turn to by-words.

Meanwhile teachers, parents, psychologists quite fairly are anxious from - for playful writing-books. Jokes jokes, and they create the general spirit, put style of behaviour. And that it is bad that you haljavish, shirk, “ you hammer “ for study? Here after all even on writing-books me support.

Such writing-books adjust pupils of Kaliningrad on “ the worker “ a harmony.

type Word combinations “ Rest - a high, study - lazha “ are involuntarily postponed in consciousness, potihonechku become style of life.

Knowingly now many schools and grammar schools demand, that covers of writing-books were monophonic, and some even reserve   circulation from printing house with an emblem of the educational institution. And it is strict, and to employment has, and pride vyzvaet: I supposedly study at such school, where even writing-books own, “ firm “.  

Opinion of the writer

Sergey MINAEV, the author of books “ Δσυles “ and Media Sapiens: It is disgusting!

- With such here writing-books also begins total “ barbilizatsija “ societies. Girls will think that the main thing - glossy, plastic beauty. And Barbie becomes their ideal. And present   life are parties and a glamour.

In America it has come already absolutely far - in the mathematics textbook not two apples put with three pears, and two BigMaka from three Cooks - kolami. In heads of children “ put “ “ correct products “. And, of course, it on a hand to manufacturers “ the present American food “.

I know that now Minobrnauki responds only for quality of textbooks. Who has wanted a writing-book, that and has printed - both with nonsenses, and with a pornography, and even with fascist slogans. The main thing that the paper responded the sanitary code and lineechki were equal. It is wrong! If there is no possibility at federal level to put under control the goods which are let out for children, means, it is necessary to create the parental commissions in regions. While the writing-book will not meet with approval of fathers and mums - on a counter it should not appear.

In the nearest numbers will continue a subject. Vigilant parents if similar mad samples of student`s polygraphy have got to you, write to us on electronic mail -   milkus