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The American sociologists have found out, where there live the present Cinderellas...

recent poll has revealed, in what countries of the woman spend most of all time for homework in comparison with men. The record was beaten by Hungarians, silver have divided among themselves inhabitants of Finland and Russia. Our compatriots as was found out, engaged in the house of the whole 50 hours per week!

Nordic men have appeared the Most hardworking: the average Swede sticks on a field of cleaning, washing and a sink of ware 24 hours per week. The laziest, strangely enough, - Japanese: they spend for care of the house only 4 hours per week.

But Americans have passed household chores on man`s shoulders. For last 40 years the American men became much more careful. Their wives managed to convince them to carry out house duties which earlier they it is proud ignored.  

All in a week in the USA worked on the house:


husbands - 12 hours, wives - 40 hours;


husbands - 14 hours, wives - 33 hours;


husbands - 15 hours, wives - 31 hour;


husbands - 16 hours, wives - 27 hours.


German researchers have come to a paradoxical conclusion: despite wide application of home appliances in Europe and America, time for homework all the same leaves approximately as much, how much at women the poor African states where also a teapot - that electric never saw.

And At this time...

the new sport - " In the West becomes fashionable; extreme glazhenie . The ancestor of movement British Fil of Show and its command have shown ability to iron iron in air - going down from a parachute, in water - having dived on depth of 137 metres, on a roof of the rushing car and even in the transparent box suspended on the elevating crane over three-storyed shopping centre. However, remains to unknown persons, a leah wives ekstremalov are happy with results of such ironing. Hardly these sumasbrody bring a real mite in housekeeping of the families.