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That now occurs on gorbachevskoj to a summer residence in Forose?

One of these days there was a next anniversary of putsch, remembered events of 1991. Interesting, and that now occurs on gorbachevskoj to a summer residence in Forose?
Andrey Tenishenko. Voronezh.

In Forose today almost nobody remembers an imprisonment 18 - on August, 19th on a presidential summer residence of Michael Gorbachev. The settlement serves health-resort visitors, and its inhabitants earn to themselves all forthcoming year.

- We are grateful to Michael Sergeevichu that it has glorified our small town, now the prices here the highest in Crimea, - old residents admit. - one-room apartment we hand over on 55 dollars a day though in next Simeize same it is possible to remove a maximum for 40 dollars.

There is an opinion that in Forose till now there live only one retired employees of power departments. Actually the military camp where there are special units, is located in settlement the Olive. Before recent time it has not been designated neither on a map, nor on district. A well-known summer residence till now regime object, it   is in departmental submission of the State administration by affairs of the president of Ukraine.

the Main case from three floors with a penthouse, nearby a service small house. There is a tennis court, the centre of leisure with a cinema hall, a billiard room, a gym and a sauna. On an entrance from the main gate of a check point - 3 - floor sluzhebno - the administrative case with technical department, numbers for visitors and the personnel. Hardly above a check point - a helicopter platform.


the State summer residence 11 or object the Dawn it is located in 2,5 km from the Crimean settlement Foros. Till August, 1991 very few people knew about this summer residence of the leader of the USSR. In mass-media then simply informed - Michael Sergeevich has left on rest for Crimea.


As the object " was under construction; Dawn

- With Raisa Maksimovnoj we zemljachki, in one street lived, - aunt Masha, torgovka sunflower seeds tells. - in 80 - h I worked in Crimean obkome parties. Call me and speak: in Crimea will build a new summer residence for the secretary general, and Raisa Maksimovna selects a place. I did not want to go, knew that whimsical it was, but it was necessary. After all party orders were not discussed. Raisa Maksimovna was the main construction superintendent and the chief. That the wall will seem to it rough, alter, a threshold too high...

- On this object we worked in three changes, - the former commander of a company of a construction battalion Yury Mihajlov remembers. - Built about three years. Was both haste, and discrepancies: the solution will not have time to dry up, and we already mould overlays, eaves... But all the same after the building termination many have received big bonus - about 1500 roubles!

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