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Darya DONTSOVA: I postpone third of earnings

Darya DONTSOVA - the fragile woman. Blond and stylish. But speech at us will go, as you guess, not about it. For some years Darya has published 86 books which have dispersed vlet by million circulations. So now Dontsova not only well-known, but also in all senses the rich person. And books writes, and conducts a broadcast, and freely speaks on - nemetski and on - French. And at Darya, according to magazine Forbs some millions dollars have accumulated on an abacus. How the writer becomes the millionaire? Such not every day, know, occurs. Perhaps any everyday features, rules and installations have helped to ascend Dontsovoj on top? Darya kindly about all of us has told. And at the same time has treated in the name of Darya`s ZAVGORODNEJ correspondent with a beefsteak at expensive restaurant.

the Main thing - to pay taxes...

- At you inimitable ear rings! (In ears at Darya - tromplej, red vishenki on green branches as live.) Design, yes?

- At metro station Vojkovsky for 55 roubles in a newspaper stall. They, apparently, from... pape - mashe.

- Magazine Forbs has printed the list of the richest celebrities. And you there among them.

- Among whom? I obviously concede to Deripaska.

- Write, you have very strongly earned.

- Truth write. I a successful example of that in our country it is possible not to steal money, and to earn. And I all taxes to crying. has paid taxes and I sleep easily .

... And to be engaged in favourite business

- And what has changed in your life after you began to earn much? We will compare, for example, Soviet period and now.

- Butter with red pepper as that lies before us (we we sit at a little table at restaurant. - comment D. Z) Of course, was not on sale. But it could be made most. There was a verb to get . I something got all life and attached... Now there was an automatic washing machine, the iron about steam,   the problem with products has disappeared. Yes, it became easier! Moreover, in the Soviet country I could not write detective novels. Many thanks to Marina Anatolevne Marininoj. It the forehead has punched a concrete wall on which it has been written: Women of detectives do not write .

the Pay -

- And you plan the family budget for three parts? In Germany, for example,   such way of economy is popular: people divide the salary into 30 equal parts and display on 30 envelopes. Since morning open 1 - j the envelope is a budget for 1 day. If there is spare cash, they are put in a grist. And so daily. And at you as?

- Is not present, we on - to another. I divided always the salary into 3 parts. And one third always postponed, irrespective of circumstances. This third - for the summer, on travel for children in case someone will be ill. I do not like to ask on credit... And now I too postpone third.

- And there were at you any new expenses?

- I have had an opportunity to make gifts.   we always each other small gave something, and now I can to send, for example, the girlfriend in holiday abroad. Or to present the plasma TV on house warming. I can pay study of the daughter in a good place. I presume two nurses for mum, which hundred years. And on a broader scale I here that will tell: when money is urgently necessary, they it is obligatory whence - that is. At us the father-in-law has died, and we have decided the mother-in-law to move from Lvov to us to Moscow. We with the husband have called friends, and next day someone has brought three hundred dollars, someone two thousand, someone has brought ten... And we have bought to woman Masha apartment! And debts then have distributed.

- And at you were when - nibud difficult years when it was necessary to survive? A boundary 80 - 90 - h...

- I well remember, how I went then in village Glebovo on an integrated poultry farm. We there rented a summer residence. And the mistress brought to me on three ten eggs from this factory. I carried them to Moscow, and we then with girl-friends divided them. And meat! As from me have taken away meat! At night I was called by the acquaintance from shop: Meat have brought. I to you have a little bit left . I run, and it has left to me the whole half-hulks. I go back between garages. The man suddenly jumps out, knocks me down. I speak to it: I here in snow will make right now everything that you want, only do not kill - at me children . And he speaks: On figs you are necessary to me, meat give . Visors the hulk also has left. I come home, to crying and I laugh...   but the heaviest time was, when I with Arkashkoj (the elder son. - a comment red.) Without the husband. 4 years. But at me remarkable friends. To me helped so delicately that I had not time to feel awkward at all. Between me and girlfriend Masha Koptevoj till now there is any debt in 120 roubles which I and have not given it... We have noted recently 50 years of friendship.

to Save it is unhealthy

- And now save on something?

- On meal, of course, is not present. On clothes - well how not to save? I shmotnitsa at me tufelnaja and sumochnaja illness. But I will not buy a design dress for 20 thousand dollars. I comfortably feel myself both in jeans, and in slippers. The husband does not have hours for 100 thousand dollars. Because it is not necessary! We do not carry furs with the daughter. But we have constructed the three-storyed house in Moscow suburbs which costs on the big ground, have arranged it is this expensive pleasure.   We wanted to live all together and each other not to disturb, that the daughter still could have for the night visitors, and I could work at this time. I do not save on treatment. When the husband was ill, it has been immediately sent in the best clinic with fast of the nurse about it. When at one of our employees the child was ill, the husband has given at once money. There are things on which simply it is impossible to save! Today at us good cars from reliable manufacturers. I went too many years on to copeck in which securities instead of pillows was an icon. But now at us not Bentley . It is pleasant to me " more; BMW . And on a broader scale it is better not to save, and to earn. It is impossible - study, go on courses, change a job.

the Best bank - checked up by a default

- And where you put up money? Investment funds, actions...

- At me money lies in bank. When there was a default, this bank easy gave out money to the clients, I have considered it as the good recommendation. Experts in this bank too at level. Give a competent advice. They even have removed payment of municipal expenses from me. I have a person who watches payment of taxes, it works together with bank employees, traces everything, makes the declaration.

- you well prepare and even books began to publish on cookery. What you love dishes - from expensive products or from simple " more; budgetary ?  

- the Rule one: products should be fresh and high quality. At our place very simply eat. Black caviar with spoons I do not eat also to you I do not advise, and that at you will be a pancreatitis. All this delicacy, they is good time in half a year at restaurant. If every day to go to restaurant, to it - to god will bother! I do not love an author cuisine. When to you bring something processed, red and smells as soap. And it is then found out that it was macaroni.

How to involve in the house mammon?

- And you believe in the signs connected with good luck?

- If to me on road there will be a black cat an empty bucket, I will not shudder. I in all it do not believe. About! There is one amusing story about a monetary frog . You buy a figurine of a frog. Any, the main thing that it was pleasant to you. Bring home and put in a case, far away from eyes. And from each received money you of this ljagushechke postpone the small sum - roubles on ten. When at you the unlimited sum, well thousand two will collect, you should take this money and to go them to spend. But not on itself. To mum to buy a gift, mothers-in-law, the girlfriend. And mentally to be glad. That is to save money and with pleasure to release them from itself. The most interesting that then from nowhere to the person money - real, big starts to drip. Or to it offer work with the good salary, or still something. Actually I in these frogs do not believe - only in human diligence.