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For a post of the policeman in separate regions applies on 20 persons

competition of the citizens Grows, wishing to cast in the lot with service in law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation. Only in Department of public service and shots of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia daily arrives to 100 references of citizens with the request to employ them.

There are separate regions where quantity wishing to arrive on service in law-enforcement bodies considerably exceeds number of vacant places, has noted in the performance before representatives of Presidential Administration, the Federation Council during time   uchebno - methodical gathering of heads of divisions on work with staff of territorial bodies and educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Minister of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliev.

- So, in Great Novgorod competition on one vacant place of the employee of law-enforcement bodies makes 11 persons, in Tyve - 23 persons, in Khakassia - 7 persons, in Voronezh,   Kemerovo, Lipetsk – on 3 persons into place, in Omsk - 2 persons. In Yaroslavl on 313 vacant places 740 references about reception on service have arrived, into management on transport of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on Privolzhsky federal district was converted one and a half thousand citizens in the presence of 305 vacancies, - has specified Rashid Nurgaliev.

At session it became known that during reforming of system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the first time in contemporary history will reach all-time high level ukomplektovannosti posts of the higher commanding structure   –   99,1 %. As informs a press - the service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, now educational activity in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia is carried out in 27 educational institutions and 10 their branches, from them three universities, four academies, dvenadtsatb institutes (including two institutes of improvement of professional skill of employees), six suvorovskih the military colleges, two schools of office dog breeding.

Besides, initial preparation of the employees for the first time employed in law-enforcement bodies, is carried out in 91 training centre. But to get there there is all more difficultly.

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs introduction in selection practice on service of the special is organised is hardware - the program complexes intended for complex express train - diagnostics of the person, the quantity of special psychophysiological researches with polygraph use (more than 16,5 thousand) almost has three times increased. As a result of rigid elimination in 2011   to every fourth candidate it has been refused reception on service.