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The best the fireman !

the Modern woman daily should face set of affairs: actively to plunge into house efforts, to nurture children, to pay attention to the husband, to move ahead on a career ladder. Thus it is necessary always to look well and have time to solve sudden problems.

However it is frequent even the skilled woman - annoying troubles can trap the mistress, cope with which in short terms it turns out not always. Was cut, has burnt in a supper preparation time – the skin has instantly reddened, has swelled up a little, has started to be ill. In addition the child has come running from walk with the scratched and broken knees and waits for the help.  

Of course: the wound or a burn can be received anywhere and how quickly to cope with them, know the few. Here again such habitual means as iodine or zelenka, not to manage. Frequently more serious help is necessary for a skin.

Why it is necessary to choose Olazol ® ?

a medical product of Olazol ® it is created on the basis of natural oblepihovogo butter which possesses strongly pronounced bactericidal property and traditionally it is considered one of the best protivoozhogovyh means. Oblepihovoe butter reduces burning and accelerates process of healing of the amazed fabrics.

the Preparation disinfects the injured site, interfering infitsirovaniju wounds and burns.

the Soft skin of an aerosol has careful influence. It can replace habitual iodine and zelenku which wounds during processing call strong burning, and   for the child it – the present stress!

the Aerosol form provides sterility of a preparation. It is convenient in application and provides its exact dosage, therefore one ballonchika will suffice for long time.

  Ballonchik it is easy, compact. It is convenient for storing in the house or automobile first-aid set, it does not take a lot of place in a bag.

Olazol ® has fine proved as first aid means at any kinds of burns – thermal (in t. ch. Solar) or chemical, and also at treatment of skin irritations (microbic ekzemy, itching dermatita).

the Preparation has met with approval at known Russian scientifically - research institutes – scientific research institute of first aid of N. V.Sklifosovsky, institute of surgery of A. V.Vishnevsky.

the Information on a preparation of Olazol ® you can receive on a hot line 8 - 800 - 2008 - 988 (a call across Russia free).