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Eaves for curtains

All eaves are subdivided on decorative and functional. Functional eaves usually make for curtains from aluminium. Production made of this material, can be the diversified forms as aluminium differs flexibility and softness. From it make the curved eaves for arch or angular windows. Functional eaves should differ durability and reliability. It is possible to do decorative eaves of everything as they are intended for an ornament of premises.

at consumers the eaves made of plastic use Great popularity. A material this cheap enough, accordingly, and the price for production low and accessible to the majority of consumers. Plastic eaves can be the diversified form and a colouring, therefore are quite good enough ornament of an interior of a room. They fine look both in a bedroom, and in kitchen, and in a drawing room. But, getting such production, it is necessary to remember one rule – it is not necessary to hang up on plastic of heavy curtains. Otherwise, the easy eaves can simply not sustain their weight and break.

Many buyers prefer the eaves made of a tree. Certainly, it is a non-polluting material, which besides very strong and reliable. But here too there are nuances. Before such eaves for curtains to buy, it is necessary to look narrowly at colour of eaves attentively. Pay attention to, a leah they approach on a shade to a parquet, furniture and etc. If it not to make, ugly enough discord in a colour palette will turn out. By the way, wooden eaves can be placed in any room of your habitation.

Recently buyers prefer often shod eaves. It is quite suitable variant if indoors there are still any shod things. Such eaves very much approach to a classical interior of a room. But be attentive – try not to buy large shod eaves, differently your windows will have a bulky appearance. Is better to use them in a spacious drawing room with high ceilings.

it is possible, to you eaves for a jalousie will be to the taste. It is now very fashionable, besides they of the small size as very often them use together with usual curtains. Is better to get such eaves for kitchen or an office. In a drawing room or a bedroom they look inconspicuously enough and can spoil a room general view.

There is one more kind of this necessary stock – ceiling eaves. As you have already understood from the name, they fasten on a ceiling and are absolutely imperceptible. Usually them use in small and low rooms. By means of such cunning it is possible to increase visually the sizes of a premise and to concentrate attention to beautiful and original curtains.

For especially exacting buyers electrooperated eaves are issued. To operate them it is possible by means of the panel or the small button which establish on a wall near to a window. Such eaves can be connected both to one window, and to all curtains which are available indoors.

Before getting eaves, be engaged in small calculations. Remember that the width of eaves necessarily should be more than the width of a window sill approximately on 20 see Attentively examine fastenings for curtains. Special clothespins or lipuchki &ndash are usually used; it is cheap enough. Often enough on eaves plastic or metal hooks on which it is possible to hang up curtains or a tulle fasten. It enough quite good variant, but an attachment of curtains will occupy from you a lot of time. Think over it before to choose such product. Solid and responsible manufacturers let out eaves with the special ringlets covered with a thin layer of teflon. Such covering will provide to rings smoothness at sliding. If you want to use at windows simultaneously curtains and a tulle it is necessary to get double eaves as the thin single product can simply break or cave in under weight of a fabric.

Attentively examine walls in a room. If partitions are made of fragile gypsum cardboard it is better to choose eaves which fasten on a ceiling. It is much more reliable and stronger. If a window in your room small is better to choose long eaves from a wall to a wall. It visually increases the sizes of windows. If windows at you huge it is better to prefer eaves which precisely correspond to the sizes of a window aperture.

And the last. If your old eaves are in an excellent status do not hurry to buy new, simply change for them tips and all. The eaves general view depends on this small detail.