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Machinists, welders, milling-machine operators are necessary to Krasnoyarsk region...

spring – that time when students of schools and high schools for whom this semestre last, reflect on employment, and graduates of schools about on what speciality all - taki to arrive. Therefore a press - conference with participation of the chief of department initial and the general education of the Ministry of Education of Krasnoyarsk region Lyudmila Kazakovoj and a deputy head of agency of work and employment by Albina Tsedrik, passed the day before for them is especially actual. They have told, what trades are now demanded in the market of Krasnoyarsk region and, on the contrary, it will be difficult to what representatives of specialities to find work.

the First on what they have paid attention, it on original discrepancy on a regional labour market. Under condition of unemployment, at us deficiency of experts of some trades is saved.

- Vacancies at us 70 thousand, and work searched for all 60 thousand persons. Nevertheless, on the account in a placement service appears about 29 thousand persons. And occurs so because we in Krasnoyarsk region have a territorial discrepancy. 35 percent of vacancies are presented in cities, and it is more than unemployed in countryside, - Albina Tsedrik has explained.

Albina Tsedrik, a deputy head of agency of work and employment
the Photo: Natalia SOKOLNIKOVA

Besides,   on the account in a placement service very many women consist, and turners, concreters, machinists of a special equipment, milling-machine operators, electrical engineers, builders &hellip are required; Certainly, these vacancies of the woman « to close » cannot.

But the most important paradox of a Krasnoyarsk labour market consists that employers,   even long suffering with search   workers, expose such level of a salary for which to work nobody wants. Judge for yourself: 27 percent of vacancies in agency of work and employment of Krasnoyarsk region are exposed with the salary of less 8 thousand roubles.

Lyudmila Kazakova has in turn told about changes in training of children in schools and professional schools. Last year all our country has passed to new standards of education. As a matter of fact, now any educational program should be co-ordinated with employers. Further it will allow to avoid situations when schools let out experts who appear torn off from manufacture realities.

Lyudmila Viktorovna also has noticed that graduates of schools last years became more informed in a trade choice. To 11 - mu to a class they, as a rule,   know, what experts are necessary to the enterprises and are already defined with own choice. Technology professionals who can work on development of investment projects of edge are necessary for Krasnoyarsk region. So to the children, wishing to receive the guaranteed place of work in the future the good knowledge of physics, mathematics, chemistry is necessary.

- the Technician the lyric poet perhaps, the lyric poet the technician – never, - summarised Kazakova.