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Democracy on - dzerzhinski: a leah long deputies will be to play on concepts ?

About what surprises further will present dzerzhinskaja the politician to whom it is favourably constant « to shake a boat » and what steps will be undertaken by the mayor that crisis of December - has not repeated April any more, have told to journalists in a press - the centre «» - NN » the mayor of Dzerzhinsk Victor Sopin and deputies of a municipal duma Natalia Migunov and Ivan Kilin.

Ice has got under way!

last week sign event in the history of Dzerzhinsk &ndash has taken place; deputies of a municipal duma for the first time for last four months have considered all questions of the agenda of session.

– we Will consider that ice has got under way, – Victor Sopin speaks. – And session failures any more will not be. But I a little on - to other estimate an event, rather than the public. In my opinion, there is no opposition of the Duma and the mayor, there is a group of deputies which builds work nekonstruktivno. Sources of parliamentary discontent I see in autumn of last year when I have signed kontsessionnoe the agreement on dzerzhinskomu to a water canal. Actually then I have attacked is private - commercial interests of separate persons, including – and being deputies of the Duma, also operated in interests of a city and its inhabitants.

« It is already legal lawlessness! »

Perhaps, the person, at which word do not disperse from affairs, a priori is reputable. But sometimes happens that it calls also strong fear. So strong that the opponent is ready to cut publicly itself if only will get rid of the hated rival.

As has occurred last Thursday. Deputies once again voted under the statement of an unsatisfactory estimation to the report on work of city administration in 2010 when Victor Sopin supervised over a city less than two months (inauguration has taken place on November, 8th).

– to Give what or an estimation of my activity or activity of my predecessor for 2010 – this already in itself a legal lawlessness, – Victor Sopin explains. – There is an explanation of profile committee of the State Duma in which it is accurately told – to estimate activity of the mayor it is possible only for 12 months. Deputies could hear the report for interest, but take out any estimation of my activity or activity of previous mayor Victor Portnov they any more had no right. It is remarkable that Victor Valentinovich Portnov was one of those who most zealously urged to take out a negative estimation. As I supervised less than two months, he actually insisted on removal « neuda » To itself.

They will need to cancel national elections!

it would Seem that here such – deputies have wanted to estimate activity of the mayor – please, it is not forbidden by the law, moreover – even it is greeted. But! The negative estimation of activity of the mayor for a year, exposed two consecutive times, grants to deputies the right to put on voting impeachment to the mayor selected in public. If impeachment « from deputies » will take place, the word will be given voters who on a referendum should tell the word – to displace the mayor from a post or not.

According to the mayor, it is now important to deputies to displace not simply ahead of schedule it from a post, but also to plant in a mayor armchair of the necessary person. Under the city charter, through three - chetye month after « resignations » the mayor national elections should take place.

– It is important to members of parliament also to make changes to the city Charter to have an opportunity to choose the mayor not national voting, and from among deputies of the Duma, – Victor Sopin considers. – And it now, when ideology of the top management of the country – returning to democratic national elections! I have learnt that someone has put some idea to mister Portnov that in case of charter change, city - the manager will be it. Possibly, therefore it also votes for a negative estimation of own activity in 2010.

It is any shame …

And what deputies think of an event?

– Event is deprived any logic, – Natalia Migunov considers. – what sense was in an unsatisfactory estimation? Have offended at once two people – and eks - the mayor, and the operating town governor. But if we have taken such step it is necessary to explain at least: Why? Any of deputies who has exposed « neud » has not explained the position …

– that now occurs in the Duma, I would name one short word – a shame, – Ivan Kilin is connected to conversation. – I the day before was on game dzerzhinskoj KVN commands, and so there cheerful and resourceful too suffices, as well as in our Duma. But there at least it was ridiculous. And here that? A court? Lynching? What for - that have expelled the press from Duma session (on one of March sessions of the Duma to a press have asked to leave, picket of representatives of local mass-media before a Duma building became result of that. – a bus comment) … the Purpose - that what? Hoped that journalists « will take offence » also will not visit any more session? Or « will be frightened » also will immediately stop objectively to shine events? Simply shame! And on a broader scale in a municipal duma recently became fashionable « to suspend a question » – and the it more sharply, the longer it will be « to hang » that the big benefit those who will try to take for themselves it « has suspended ». Also closeness from the people is especially unpleasant kuluarnost. I offered – let`s collect public hearings and we will take out the matter of confidence to the mayor and the Duma. Also we will put an end already in this question ».

Back in the Stone Age

Victor Sopin insists On attraction of the wide public to an event also. Only he suggests to carry out not public hearings, and a national referendum concerning trust to the power – Both legislative, and executive.

– I see actions which conduct not to construction in a city of chemists of a democratic society, and in the Stone Age, – Victor Sopin has underlined. – changes in the Charter, cancelling national elections of the mayor though the population has actually put a veto for this question try to drag That. That arises any not clear fuss round the report for 2010 – not clear and, from my point of view, illegal. However, the ideologist of my resignation is Valery Artamonov widely known dzerzhintsam. If to estimate its activity in Dzerzhinsk as a whole not legal approach, I consider, in it it is inherent. I can result the freshest example – the enterprise « Antifreeze - Synthesis » which heads g - n Artamonov, has autocratically grasped the ground area and has laid on it a gas pipeline. And so, I can tell g - well to Artamonov and others – I will not cease to protect the right dzerzhintsev on national elections of the mayor.

the Mayor of Dzerzhinsk Victor Sopin and deputies of a municipal duma Natalia Migunov and Ivan Kilin in a press - the centre «» - NN ».
the Photo: the Novel IGNATYEV

How much is … democracy?

In a course a press - conferences speakers have responded to some questions of mass-media. – Ivan Jurevich, you are not afraid, what public hearings which you offer, will yield unexpected result? For example, on them can bring by buses « the necessary little men » which will vote on a pointer from above.

Ivan Kilin :

– the Question in the correct organisation of process. With such approach to public hearings as now, a civil society not to construct, It is necessary to change the mechanism of their carrying out, at least to appoint hearings during time convenient for townspeople. And if it is necessary – to spend them though at stadium, express the opinion all interested persons could. Though mass presence « necessary » I do not exclude people at any organisation of hearings.

– How much is carrying out of a national referendum?

Victor Sopin :

– At cost it is comparable with odnoturovymi elections. But it is a question about more expensive – about democracy. And I consider that for possibility to live in a democratic society it is necessary to pay.

– One of these days motorists of Dzerzhinsk have organised spontaneous meeting concerning quality of roads …

Victor Sopin :

– I in a situation course, motorists held a meeting concerning an abomination status of road under Lenin`s prospectus. It belongs to regional management of highways, and its repair – not in our competence. But I can tell, as at us, and at firm « the Highway » which is engaged in repair of roads of regional value, all is ready to the beginning of repair work. Weather, prolonged winter stopped only.

– It not seems to you, what the Duma becomes more and more closed from the people which have chosen it?

Natalia Migunov :

– To us inhabitants, our voters are constantly converted with this question. People do not have any possibility to learn how their deputy votes. Moreover, our legislators brake all initiatives of citizens. Have come on session dzerzhintsy which want to organise TOSy (territorial self-management – a bus comment) But some deputies &ndash have tried; and representatives TOSov have banished. Thus a stain – on all deputies, even those who is ready to work really for the good of a city.

– Victor Fedorovich, will not easier agree with deputies how your predecessors arrived? There are at people`s choices any economic interests?

Victor Sopin :

– I in the politician of 20 years, and, assure you, quite I own art to agree. In this case I cannot agree with opponents for quite objective reasons – to me dictate conditions, reaching even that draw the new scheme of administration, interfere with personnel selection, try to agree about a pulling down of northern tribune of the central city stadium « the Chemist » about capture of tidbits of the earth under building of shops and other, other … In given to an arrangement case are impossible basically.