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In registry offices of Rostov - an agiotage among interested persons to get married on the Red hill

In the Rostov registry offices forthcoming Saturday will not force the way — this year wishing to marry on the Red hill more than ever it is a lot of. On the first Saturday after fast two will register not - three pairs the future spouses as it occurs in usual days, and on some tens! In registry offices of Rostov it is in total submitted an order of 300 statements on check in on April, 20th and 21. Despite congestion, employees of palaces of solemn ceremonials promise not to reduce ceremony time, and, to the contrary, to make it more brightly and more emotionally.  

- At us this year simply unknown agiotage, a newly-married couple attacked literally, - has told «» in Management a registry office of October area of Rostov . - If usually we register on three or four weddings for April, 21st all is painted literally on seconds. For each groom and the bride will allocate no more than 20 minutes. Also it is a lot of statements on 28 - e number, last Saturday April.

the Reasons on which rostovchane want to marry by all means on April, 21st, a little. In - the first, this Saturday the first after quadragesima during which time of wedding played very seldom, therefore by the end of month many interested persons have collected to marry. And the second reason in a sign: « In May to marry — all life to toil ». Though many also say that all is an idle talk, however, according to employees of the Rostov registry offices to marry last month spring really the few dare.

- On the Red hill at us it is registered about 80 statements from the future spouses, - has told «»   Ljubov Puzikova managing by the City (Kirov) registry office. - this year from - for a considerable quantity of interested persons will undersign to work and Theatre of the young spectator: There too will pass matrimony ceremonies. Long since it is considered that spring marriages in Russia were the happiest and strong, after all at this particular time year after hibernation the nature and together with it our feelings revives. Also many pairs want to undersign on April, 27th and 28. It is interesting that brides and grooms absolutely different: at someone it is first marriage, at someone the second. Each pair will carry away with itself for memory from a registry office the so-called manuscript. By the way, contrary to a sign that in May it is impossible to marry, the strongest families are just created this month — at us most of all celebrations jubiljarov it is necessary on the end of spring.

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on April, 20th, in Rostov will choose the most beautiful bride. In the Don capital will pass the ending of a regional stage of competition « the Diamond bride of Russia ».

- it was primary at a selection stage at us an order of twenty participants, but the ending was reached only by ten, two brides have withdrawn for a good reason: they here - here should have kids, - has told «» one of organizers of competition Victoria Kosenko . - Participants, and it is girls who have married last year, will step on the stage some times. During the first test « the Card » they will tell about how have got acquainted with husbands, then will pass on a podium in wedding dresses, and after will pass test under the name « Born in love ». Its detail we will not open are a surprise! By the way, on our surprise, all husbands have perfectly concerned participation in competition, visited all rehearsals.

the Winner will go on the All-Russia ending of competition « the Diamond bride of Russia » which will pass in May in Kaliningrad.


From time immemorial Russia was considered as kind and correct tradition to play weddings on the Red hill. On an orthodox calendar this day comes after quadragesima and Easter. Underlining importance of a feast, in Russia liked to speak: « Who on the Red hill marries, that will not divorce for ever ». Existed povere that such newly married will long live and happily, narozhajut a heap of kiddies and will die in one day.

By the way, it is not necessary to forget that the Red hill was considered also in the ideal afternoon for courtship or a choice of the future bride. Girls dressed up in the best dresses and left to walk. And guys looked narrowly and chose to itself suzhenuju. To remain at home this day was considered as a bad sign: or absolutely never you marry, or you will find to yourself pair speckled and ugly.