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Novosibirsk realtors predict: soon apartments will cease to rise in price

From the beginning of 2012 habitation input in Novosibirsk has grown on 50 %. This figure demonstrates that after rough 2011 builders are not going to reduce rate and will enter all new and new metres of living spaces. While there will be a demand. And it is still saved, and big. It is obvious that the satiation of the market sooner or later, but should occur - habitation will construct more than it is necessary … Or not?

In Novosibirsk - the highest across Siberia the price for real estate

While the facts do not foretell building stagnation - for the first quarter of this year habitation cost in new buildings has grown on 3,7 %. Simply for comparison - in pre-crisis 2008 when the building market was on peak, building of 205 houses, this year - 218 has been put.

- Demand for habitation in Novosibirsk now really powerful, therefore and the prices grow, - has told « the head of the analytical centre « Sibakademstroj Real estate » Tatyana Kazakova. - the Reasons two. In - the first, of course, it is the operating governor`s program about support of young families and the parent capital. Siberians receive habitation almost free of charge, having received 300 thousand roubles from the state, then having paid the remained cost of apartment the parent capital. Apartments much, by the way, then sell and earn good money.

And in - the second, the price to square metres in Novosibirsk is done by its glory of capital of Siberia. For a long time it is known that our city is some kind of a startup, the bridge between a province and Moscow. Young yes gifted crowds come to Novosibirsk to make here career, and, certainly, remove or buy habitation. By the way, as the Association of builders of Russia recently has counted up, cost of apartments in Novosibirsk has appeared above than where - or across Siberia - there are more than 40 thousand roubles for square metre.

When the calm will come?

Opinions it is in this respect separated. The points of view two, but they each other contradict. So, some realtors are convinced that the stream of the young families taking living spaces ekonomklassa, - is unbounded. Now we observe the present idyll between builders and buyers.

- Builders accurately understand that is claimed by the population, is a small-sized cheap habitation, - has commented « the director of agency « the Doctor the Key » Ilya Balahonov. - and demand now simply enormous - houses are bought up completely literally for a week. Even traditional spring recession of interest is absolutely imperceptible. Houses which have not bought also which will be handed over in 2012, remains a little, much less, than it is required to people. Now after all there is a numerous generation of the Siberians born per 1980. So in the nearest three - four years demand remains high.

In a word, according to some realtors, how much houses would not be erected - to Siberians all will be a little. However, there is here one but - the matter is that the governor`s program which helps novosibirtsam to buy habitation though have prolonged for some years, but with a reservation - to use this capital it is possible only at apartment purchase in the house which will be handed over … in 2012. That is when all offers of this year will end, state support simply cannot use.

So other realtors build own forecast - to the beginning of 2013 of builders all - taki the deadlock waits. All who presumed to buy apartment, will already make it.

- Most likely, the rise in prices for habitation in new buildings will last till the end of summer, - Tatyana Kazakova considers. - Then gradual recession, and in the beginning of 2013 will begin and at all the calm is expected. Such mad demand cannot long last. So in a year the market is a little ustakanitsja. However, if the authorities all - taki expand the program of support of young families on habitation which will be under construction the next years, the situation still can change.

So, the forecast following - by the summer habitation cost in new buildings will grow on 4 %. And then will increase only on a rate of inflation. Return former rate of building of new houses intervention of the authorities can only - independently to buy habitation, alas, on - former few Siberians are capable only. After all the average price even for one-room apartment in a new building - about 2 million roubles.

Only figures

Following the results of the first quarter 2012 in Novosibirsk it is entered more than 106 thousand square metres of habitation.

From total of the entered habitation of 72,08 thousand « squares » it was necessary on many-storeyed building: three new buildings are handed over in October area, on two apartment houses - in Dzerzhinsk, Kalininsky and Pervomaisk and one - in Zaeltsovsky. Besides, one more low house by the area of 1,68 thousand square metres on 22 apartments is entered.

the First response

Has deceived the potential tenant - in prison! And any conversations.

In last weekly journal «» from April, 12th, and also on > a site/ 9357 correspondent has shared a private experience as tried to rent apartment, without resorting to the help of realtors. The material has found the response among townspeople. Here only some responses.

the Visitor:

- Never services of intermediaries used. The best way is to find the one who will agree to take payment for 3 days forward. Necessarily such will be. Troubles in the form of the beaten out glasses or teeth for such small money are necessary to nobody.


- I too tried to find once variants in the Internet. All is reduced or to intermediaries, or on a broader scale run into offers from girls of easy behaviour. Probably, surrender together with habitation!


- Called under announcements. Speak supposedly bring at first 5 thousand roubles. And we then to you of the address will tell where to go and variants to look … Here that for distributing?! Really law enforcement bodies do not see this disgrace? Has deceived the potential tenant - in prison! And any conversations!

And to you it was possible to remove habitation without intermediaries? Impart experience