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Oboronka cannot master the order of the Minister of Defence

the government Decision in December of last year has been confirmed GOZ (the state defensive order) in the sum of 704,3 billion roubles, but by April, 15th it have corrected to the sum of 677,4 billion.

According to the first deputy minister of defence Alexander Sukhorukov supervising in military department of purchase of arms, it does not mean otnjatie money — them have simply redistributed. Any innuendo thus remained. However, Sukhorukov has a priori explained a situation - « oboronka » it is not ready to master the finance which it military men are ready to pay.

Nevertheless, for today of the Minister of Defence has concluded contracts on 77 % with enterprises VPK, and it is 520,7 billion roubles. For comparison — year before contracts it has been concluded strongly less, a little more than 11 %. Enterprises VPK are rather careful with the conclusion of contracts and frequently refuse from 100 - a percentage down payment. Are careful to get under penal sanctions for default of conditions of performance of contracts.

From four auctions on purchase of ammunition only one as a result has taken place from scientific research institute of mechanical engineering which will put armies tank shots. Other enterprises have twice priced out, in comparison with those: that have been declared in the competitive documentation. « Oboronku » confuses also necessity of entering of the mortgaging sums of banks. As Alexander Sukhorukov has informed, in 2012 the Russian army will receive on arms of 58 new planes, 124 helicopters (by their 2020 it will be bought 1120), 28 is antiaircraft - a rocket gun complex « the Armour ».

In June the Navy structure will include the nuclear submarine of type « Borej » « Yury Dolgoruky » and in August — its colleague « Alexander Nevsky ». Successfully passed in December, 2011 letno - technical tests the rocket « the Mace » will arrive on arms of diving fleet in October of this year — registration of technical documentation will occupy 7 - 8 months. One more feature in purchases of arms for army — all of them are made in territory of Russia.