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We buy apartment in a new building

More and more people prefer apartment in a new building of secondary real estate. New apartment – these are the spacious areas, the convenient lay-out, equipped pridomovaja territory. But what to do, if money for purchase of the pleasant apartment does not suffice? The mortgage loan &ndash will help; today credits for under construction habitation offer various banks. And we will help to choose the optimum program and to learn, what sum can be received on credit and how much will make payments on a mortgage. About it – in our publication.

As it is known, the apartment in the under construction house costs more cheaply, than same in the secondary market. But mortgage rates under the credit for a new building usually above. But fortunately many potential buyers, banks are carried out constantly by various actions in which frameworks it is possible to save considerably at mortgage registration.  

- Our bank all the April long - May carries out the special action in which frameworks the rate of 10 % annual operates at habitation acquisition in the primary market, - tells Radik Raifovich Bajdanov, the head of a retail direction   bank URALSIB branch in Kazan - Within the limits of the action it is possible to get apartment in the new buildings put in operation and in new buildings of high degree of readiness at a building stage. It and objects of real estate of our partners - builders, and apartment in houses of the companies - the legal bodies who have been not accredited by us.  

Today before clients URALSIBA – a wide choice of offers of real estate in the primary market. For example, houses in a housing estate « Wood small town ». These are new buildings with high degree of readiness, so, settling in the new apartment probably in the closest prospect. Joint-Stock Company company « builds houses; Wood small town Kazan ». For a long time and stably working in building sphere. A housing estate « Wood small town » it is located in a picturesque corner on 10 - m of km of a line Kazan - Orenburg in the Privolzhsky disctrict of the city of Kazan, in a distance from noisy city streets, all in 15 - ti minutes from city centre. It is a complex combining ideas of country and multiroom building. The first stage is already put in operation. Building of the second turn has begun. In the second turn it is planned to construct 30 one-access and two-access five-floor houses in which will be one - two - and three-room apartments.

How much is a mortgage

Andrey and Maria Varlamovy recently have got married, while remove kartiru, but want to get own habitation. Andrey – the senior master at manufacturing enterprise, receives 32 thousand roubles, Maria – the leading bookkeeper in the building company, its salary – 28 thousand roubles. They have small accumulation at a rate of 400 thousand roubles which they plan to bring as an initial payment. They have looked after 1 - room apartment in the under construction house in a housing estate « Wood small town » the House is planned by the area of 50 sq. m. to delivery already in the end of summer of this year. Cost of this apartment – 2 million roubles. To a young family it is necessary for 1,6 million roubles to get apartment. They have decided to issue a mortgage loan and have come to bank URALSIB to receive credit particulars. In bank it have told that the special action in which frameworks the interest rate on a mortgage loan on new houses is lowered to 10 % annual in roubles now operates.   for building of the house the interest rate will make 12 % annual in roubles, after house delivery in operation the rate decreases to 10 % annual.  

If to issue the credit for the missing sum of 1,6 million roubles for a period of 20 years, monthly payment of Varlamovyh will make in house building will make 17 653 roubles, after house delivery in operation - 15 481 rouble. The general family income of a young family allows them to take the missing sum on credit, and   monthly payment under the credit is quite comprehensible to them.  

the Interest rate on a mortgage – 10 % annual in roubles.

the Minimum initial payment – 20 % from cost of got real estate.

the Maximum sum of the credit – 3 million rbl.

crediting Term – from 3 till 30 years.

the Commissions on the credit – no.

we Consider expenses  

do not forget that at a mortgage it is necessary to issue insurance of got real estate, in addition - insurance of your life and work capacity. Then in case of accident occurrence the insurance company will pay to bank for you the credit sum.   in a case with Varlamovymi of an expense for life insurance and work capacity will make about 0,2 % from the credit sum, in this case -   these are 2 728 roubles a year. Expenses on insurance of got habitation from risks of damage and destruction will manage approximately in 0,2 from the credit sum, it about 2 112 roubles a year. Thus every year the insurance sum will decrease, as the debt of Varlamovyh under the credit decreases.  

So, our calculations have shown that purchase of the apartment – business quite real.   in URALSIBE say that work for those people who want to live today and do not wait for even more good news to become proprietors of the habitation. New conditions of a mortgage from URALSIBA – it is good news!

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