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Carefully: Rattles and pishchalki in shops of a city are hazardous to health

Dear voronezhtsy! «» hurries to warn: toys which we buy to our most expensive crumbs, frequently conceal serious danger. It was once again confirmed with recent review in which participated three ten samples. Experts examined under a magnifier of rubber naked dolls, plush zajchikov, bright rattles, plastic machines.

And here the first opening: 23 samples from 30 have appeared « made in China ». Though that to be surprised! This afternoon with fire in shop you will not find a domestic toy. And all anything if China did not fill up counters of our shops with frank hack-work, and sometimes and menacing to health. Manufacturers as it has appeared, use toxic dyes, their toys have rough, scratching edges, quickly break. And formaldehyde containing in them can call an allergy.

- From 30 bought by us it is exemplary 14 have appeared with the defects influencing security of a toy. One toy has not passed laboratory researches, 26   - « have ruined » tests on marks: on a label or there is no necessary information, or it is specified not completely,   - have told «» in « Voronezhkachestvo ».

According to experts, strict demands are made to toys: absence of a strong smell, firmness of a paint, moderate sound level, presence of the certificate and sanepidzakljuchenija.

At external survey experts have found out the knife edges, dropping out pile, fragile seams, a sharp chemical smell … Laboratory research only has confirmed fears of experts: the majority of samples allocated harmful chemical substances. As a result and safe for the kid three samples   recognised qualitative only; - toys with pishchalkoj the Voronezh manufacture. Surprisingly, but only our city spetsy could create rubber pretty girls who at all will not hurt to the kid even if he will try to have a snack them.

- Our review has opened a serious problem to which needs to be engaged. Quality of toys very low, also strict control,   is necessary; - experts have told.   - our problem - to draw to this problem the attention kontrolirujushih of structures, and parents   to urge to be vigilant.

the Voronezh rubber toys with pishchalkoj have appeared safe for children.
a photo: Boriss ANTONS, from a site of the manufacturer


How to choose good   and a safe toy

the Weight of a toy for doshkolenka should not exceed 400   And here children till three years cannot give toys in the size less than their cam.

Toys for the smallest should have equal, smooth edges, without acting acute angles and small, easily separated details. Colouring should be proof to a saliva, sweat, damp processing.

Strings and laces should not be longer 15 sm that the kid in them has not got confused.

At purchase of toys it is necessary to be convinced that all details keep strong. At soft toys it is necessary to check on durability the pile, the sewn eyes or a nose   - in an ideal these details on a muzzle should be not buttons, and an embroidery on the toy. Buying a soft toy, remember that hygienic processing is required to it in the future.

Toys with napolnitelem should have strong seams. Therefore be not ashamed to check up the future purchase on durability   - be convinced that contents are sewn reliably up inside and the kid cannot taste it.

the form is sometimes given to Fluffy and animals made of cloth at the expense of the granulated material filled up in them. Under a cover of such toys containing granules in the size less 3 mm, by all means there should be one more layer of a fabric strongly stitched by seams.

If in a toy foam rubber, the first half a year this material « it is friendly » and then starts to decay, allocating poisonous substances. The best material for zajchikov and bears   - a synthetic winterizer. Such toy very soft, is well erased and long enough holds the form.

Soft stuffed toys for children till 3 years should be on sale only in individual packing.

In the toys working on an electricity, pressure should not exceed 12 Vt. Even the rattle should have a sound which is not frightening the small child.