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Errors of strategy or error strategy

  Practice cannot be reconciled with postulates in any way and general phrases « Strategy - 2020 ». Is not present at us in the base country (nearly has not written basis) on which it would be possible to build, project something. The thieves` section of property of the Soviet state which has occurred in 90 - e years, does not allow to make it.

In the beginning, even before designing « Strategy » it was necessary to solve a question on legitimacy of leaders - heads, owners. Otherwise these « dark 90 - e » will always bring a society an attention to the question which was set to the country by M.M.Zhvanetsky and, as always, has not received the answer: « I understand, why Khodorkovsky sits, but I do not understand, why the others do not sit?. »

To « Strategy » it is necessary to answer simply some questions which soar for a long time in our society: what is the Native land, Russia and who such Russians?

Now Russia is divided into regions which by hook or by crook try to beat out from the Center of a privilege, a grant, any support …

It « manual » management! That there are, for example, laws on payment of teachers, doctors …

« Salaries of doctors by 2018 should exceed twice the average salary on economy in corresponding region of the Russian Federation. On level above an average payment and teachers of technical schools » will rise;.

the Basic expenses will be connected with increase of the salary to teachers whom promise to finish it to average on region, and also with increase of the salary of doctors and the professors which payment should be finished to 200 % from average on economy. Will pay these obligations at the expense of reduction of other articles of the budget.

« By the end of 2014 the average salary in the country should increase in 1,5 times and reach 30 - 32 thousand roubles. Thus should increase essentially and salaries of state employees. The qualified experts occupied in these branches, should receive a salary not below the average level on economy of concrete region ».

As a result, having generated in « manual » a mode a certain class from listed « vyshesrednevikov » (here it is necessary to carry still military and police, well and officials, certainly!) The state is doomed to a failure with any « Strategy » wherefore allocation of one group automatically assumes creation of other group - people, with incomes below an average. But this group is the people creating a surplus value in the basis. This group - workers, peasants (on old terminology), engineers, visitors guest workers. Such division will create preconditions for the organisation of rigid protest movement. And it is necessary to us?

If to speak about any « Strategy » it needs to be begun with creation of ideology of the state. Now in mass-media speak much more about homosexuals, than about real achievements of our manufacture. The television is filled by horror films about illegal acts of cops - murderers and tyrants. Now schoolboys with ease will answer any question on drugs, sex and Dime Bilan and do not name any war hero of 1812!

I supervise over the enterprise in which, actually, I one belong to group « vyshesrednih ». The others are doomed, on « Strategy - 2020 » to serve « selected Strategy ». Also what we have made at factory whatever our designers have thought up, whatever equipment we have bought on credit money - my subordinates never will rise over line of middle tier! Because the middle tier is always defined by the mathematical formula, and mathematics - a science exact, and to it, by and large, to spit on destinies of people!!!

In other words, what what « nizhesrednego » did (work for 60 hours per week, work for 24 hours a day, a joint appointment …) That is, how much we have earned - what « above - an average » always will receive more!!! It is the basic error of our leaders. The binding to middle tier generates an inequality.

is more correct, in my opinion, the salary « selected works » to define on the minimum living wage. For example, for doctors: the surgeon - 10 minima, the doctor - the logopedist - 5, the operational nurse - 4 and etc. And any binding to regions! Unless the doctor in Moscow spends at survey of the patient of more forces and energy, than the doctor at the same survey at us in Murom?

Only under condition of such calculation of level of a salary at workers and the ministering industrial enterprises will appear though any chance to become members of a society equal in rights.  

Lion LAZAREV, the general director   Open Society « the Murom radio factory ».