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Not from - for money, and for the sake of an entertainment participants " sing; Minutes of glory

Behind 10 tours, remained final. It will be last chance for participants of show « Minute of glory. Dreams come true! » to get to a semi-final. Instead of three judges four will judge this time konkursantov: Alexander Maslyakov, Larissa Guzeeva, Nikita Vysotsky and Olga Aroseva. A set acting, as always, the various. To take at least Rozu Vladimirovu. To the woman of 67 years, however it does not prevent to sing and dance to it, having apparelled in bright dresses. The participant has decided to surprise all with the new version of a song   « Arlekino ». On its melody the Rose of Vladimirova has put own verses about « Minute of glory » and judges. Number has so amazed Larissa Guzeevu that she has declared:

- Necessarily I will show this transfer to the mum! Let knows that age - not a hindrance for active life.

On what only you will not go for the sake of one million roubles!
a photo: Ilya`s SHABARDINA Photo.

has not managed and without the odd fellows who have come on the program that is called, for the sake of a trick. The young man by name of Yury and with a surname of Pikula long told audiences about the love to Vladimir Vysotsky`s creativity and, having got of Nikita Vysotsky`s support, has started to sing a song... Stasa Mihajlova. And did it not so harmoniously. But Anton and Lydia, representing in « to Minute of glory » the Ryazan region, have appeared professional musicians. They have executed a composition on the tool under the name hang which is more similar to a small UFO. The turn to the trainer konkursantov, acting in artistic genres, Svetlana Druzhininoj this time has come to be surprised. The director has promised that will try to use this tool in the following film.

And here on Tatyana Vedeneyev who also took part in shootings, the special impression was made by conjurer Dmitry Petrov. The TV presenter for a while became the assistant of the illusionist, « playing » with knifes. Tatyana so rasperezhivalas for health of the conjurer that has burst into tears...

we Will remind, the winner of a season is waited by a prize in one million roubles.

« Minute of glory ». Sunday, evening. The first