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We put experiences and we frolic on a soft planet


On five platforms will pass the master - classes, meetings with teachers, children`s psychologists and writers. Parents can ask to experts questions on how more correctly and more effectively to nurture the child. To participate in discussions that is better private gardens or municipal, a leah it is necessary to learn from young nails the child to a foreign language and how to combine career and a family. Will than be engaged at festival and to originators of event. To children will suggest to listen to a concert, a fairy tale, to start flying toys, to paint the plate, to visit at entertaining lessons, experiences from a museum « eksperimentanium ». Young visitors of a playground « SHardam » walk by the spaceship, studying of solar system Shardam, its planets, comets and asteroids, rest on a soft planet « wait; smartbollz » an exhibition of photos « MAMM to CHILDREN!!! » from Multimedia Art of a museum, meal from inoplanetnogo cafe and much - many other things.

WHERE: TSDH, the m. item « October » the Crimean shaft, 10

WHEN : From April, 20 till April, 22nd. Business hours with 11. 00 to 19. 00

the Price of tickets: 200 rbl. Preferential   - 100 rbl.

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