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« the King and the Clown »: horrors, as at Edgara On

the New disk became continuation of last year`s release « the King and the clown » — an album « TODD. The certificate 1. A blood feast ».

- the Album left lyrical, but gloomy, — the leader " speaks; KiSH   Michael Gorshenev. — Horrors as at Edgara On. It is More psychological. There is a constant sensation of an emotional pressure.


the King and the Clown want to frighten the spectator properly.

Michael Gorshenev on an album « On the brink » has again acted in a role of ominous hairdresser Suini Todd. The voice of the story-teller also remained immutable: musicians have continued the cooperation with actor Veniamin Smehovym. And here executors of other roles have exchanged: the Petersburg violoncellist and the vocalist Lena Te has sounded roles of Lavett and daughter Suini Todd, and the party of the judge was executed by Ilya of Fig.

According to Michael Gorsheneva, castlings of executors have been planned initially: « Mood at plates a miscellaneous. Therefore, let and executors of voice parts will be different ». Fans of creativity « the King and the clown » will be pleasantly surprised by one more circumstance: the party of one of heroes zong - operas was sounded by the guitarist and bek - the vocalist of group Alexander « the Renegade » Leontev. For it it there was a first experience of record of a vocal for a solo track, however, with a task in view the musician has consulted perfectly well. Quite probably, the Renegade will sing this song and at the nearest concert « the King and the clown » in « Luzniki ». All visitors of this evening are waited by one more surprise: on a scene together with « the King and the clown » there is Ilya of Fig. To the accompaniment of group it will sing two songs from an album « TODD. The certificate 2. On the brink ».

WHERE: SK « Luzniki » the m. item « Sports » Luzhnetsky emb., 24

WHEN: on April, 28th, the beginning in 19. 00

the Price of tickets: from 1200 rbl.