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In Gorodetsky area building of modern range TBO

In Gorodetsky area in one and a half kilometres from village Skorodum has begun building musorosortirovochnogo a complex with intermunicipal range for placing of a firm household waste unsuitable to processing (TBO) has begun. It will relieve at once some areas of old, pernicious dumps for environment, and also will solve a problem of occurrence of spontaneous dumps of garbage on roadsides of roads and in woods.

Old dumps are dangerous

the Uneasy question of building of new range in Gorodetsky area very long was discussed: with inhabitants, local authorities, ecologists. In the end of February the allowing documentation on building of this important object for region has been received. The project has passed ecological examination and has received the positive conclusions from all necessary instances. The first stage of building on April, 9th, 2012 has begun.

– Our organisation guarantees qualitative building of range which is the extremely necessary not only for Gorodetsky`s inhabitants of area, but also for area as a whole, as one of the advanced projects under the reference with a waste within the limits of the regional target program in the Nizhniy Novgorod region, – the general director of Joint-Stock Company « has assured; Waste management - NN » Igor Gavrilov.

Why all - taki the authorities have made decision to build range? For this purpose it is necessary to understand a situation which has developed in area with recycling of a waste. Now, on official sources, in Gorodetsky area of 12 dumps and at least 15 unapproved – on which nobody gave permissions, so, and rules of storage of a waste, their influence on environment there nobody supervises the sanitary code. But even on resolved musorosbornikah are absent protective protivofiltratsionnye screens, gathering and sewage treatment systems, a waste there or at all are not condensed, or are condensed with unspecialized technics. Not to mention radiating control which is not carried out on one dump in Gorodetsky area.

The project has passed ecological examination and has received the positive conclusions from all necessary instances.
a photo: it is given Joint-Stock Company « Waste management - NN ».

All it leads to an unpleasant smell, kindlings, reproduction of dangerous rodents, insanitary conditions and other companions of out-of-date dumps. Inhabitants of neighbouring houses already complained time and again not only of a stench, but also that the easy garbage and trees « around flies; are decorated » cellophane packages. The similar situation develops practically in all areas of area. Gorodetsky area not an exception.

Absence of systems of gathering and filtrate tap (rain and thawed snow which passes through thickness of garbage. – a bus) Calls high risk of penetration of polluting substances in soil both water objects and their carrying over on the big distances. And it already threatens plants and the animals residing outside of existing dumps.

the Minimum influence, the maximum control

According to designers and ecologists (they, by the way, also support building of a modern complex on recyclings TBO, closing and rekultivatsiju old dumps dangerous to environment), on new modern range such will not be.

– For reduction of influence by environment the screen, drainage system of gathering and filtrate tap, radiating control, &ndash will be created protivofiltratsionnyj; the general director of Joint-Stock Company « informs; Waste management - NN » Igor Gavrilov. – On an industrial platform of a projected complex we will accept, sort and store TBO (a firm household waste), KGO (a large-sized waste) and WITH (a building waste). All volume of the waste arriving on range, will be sorted. At departure from range all cars will drive without fail through a bath for disinfection.

Feature of new range are the advanced technologies applied both at building, and at complex operation. The project of the organisation and range building provides creation protivofiltratsionnyh multilayered screens with a geomembrane, interfering filtrate receipt in pochvogrunty and vodonosnye horizons. The technology of building of maps of burial place TBO corresponds to EU standards, in it synthetic materials from the leading European manufacturer are provided.

One of the basic problems of existing Russian ranges TBO is their periodic kindling, so, smoke blanketing and pollution of air space. To prevent this process, the range is necessary for condensing, humidifying and pouring constantly inert materials. On new range all it will be carried out at the expense of application of specialised technics, skating rinks - sealants from the best world manufacturers.

Designers have thought over also serious system of monitoring of influence of range on environment. The monitor program includes following supervision: behind a chemical compound and quantity formed in svalochnom a filtrate body, behind change of quality of ground waters outside of range, behind pollution of atmospheric air in a working zone in territory of range and behind its limits, behind a status of soil and behind conformity of the waste arriving on range, the declared degree of danger. On dumps which exist and are subject to closing after object start-up in operation, environment condition monitoring is not carried out.

In April the first stage of building of range has begun.
a photo: it is given Joint-Stock Company « Waste management - NN ».

On range the platform for perspective development of the further processing of a waste is provided. But the most important thing – it will give new workplaces to inhabitants of area.

– the Range differs from a dump not only that the garbage is stored with application of normal system of a waterproofing, filtrate and biogas gathering. The main thing – that the range allows to process a part of a waste. Gorodetsky a complex now – unique in area where the competent system of processing of garbage &ndash is put; the chairman of the council of the ecological centre « considers; Dront » Ashat Kajumov. – Its building – a serious step to world experience.

the Inquiry

Given musorosortirovochnyj the complex is under construction within the limits of realisation of the regional target program « Development of system of the reference with production wastes and consumption in the Nizhniy Novgorod region on 2009 - 2014 » the Nizhniy Novgorod region accepted by the government in 2008. According to the program nine non-polluting musoropererabatyvajushchih complexes will appear in region territory. One of them will be located in Gorodetsky area, approximately in 1450 metres on jugo - the east from village Skorodum, on the ground area by a total area of 30,06 hectares. This complex will serve Borsky, Gorodetsky, Semenovsky, Koverninsky, Sokolsky, left-bank parts of Lyskovsky and Vorotynsky areas with the population of 270 thousand persons.