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In tax through the notary: faster and is easier

the Notary of Volgograd Puchkina Natalia Ivanovna

the Situation when it is necessary to go on it, happens pretty often. Ways - roads souchreditelej disperse, and sale of the share in business becomes a commonplace. Here two variants are possible: official, with the notarial certificate of the transaction and amicable when all dares on the word of honour. In practice the way of transfer of a share in an authorised capital stock of a managing society through an exit of the old participant and an input of the new is very extended. Such way of the order of shares is fraught with certain risks,   often has feigned character, and   in force   the law,   such   the transaction is considered insignificant.   in this case   judicial disputes between participants of a society   not to avoid.

it is not casual still with 1   July 2009   year have come into force   changes in       the Federal law « About limited liability companies »   which have provided   the obligatory notarial certificate   transactions   on alienation or pledge   shares in a society authorised capital stock.  

the Purpose of these innovations -   to exclude possibility rejderskih attacks, to provide   a transparency   transactions and by that to stop the contracts of alienation of shares counterfeit and imposed by raiders.  

Puchkina Natalia Ivanovna

the Notary,   at the notarial certificate of the transaction on alienation or share pledge in Open Company authorised capital stock checks legality of the made transaction,   powers of the persons making the transaction, it is convinced of observance of the right of priority of other participants of a society and the society.

Within three days from the moment of the transaction certificate in body, the notary passes in registering body the statement for entering of respective alterations in the Uniform state register of the legal bodies, signed by the participant of the society alienating a share or a part of a share.

Now there was a possibility of a document transfer of legal bodies necessary for the state check in and individual businessmen in tax departments on electronic communication channels. Such procedure occupies about 30 minutes and releases both the notary, and the applicant from necessity personally to go to registering body or on mail. The notarial tariff thus   will make only 600 roubles.

Thus, it is possible as much as possible « to press down » terms of registration of all necessary documents through the notary, having solved the questions quickly and in a civilised way.

to Decide to prefer whom from notaries, you can having converted into Notarial chamber of the Volgograd region on ph. 23 - 34 - 19 or on a chamber site http:// volgogradnotary. ru/.