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The horse guilty of destruction two rjazantsev, are going to sell

All last week in region there is a weather on lovely sight. Snow has practically descended, and two inhabitants of village Lakash — both Vasilys - have solved: it is time to get out on an apiary. Has put too much: beehives to put, which - what to correct, clean an apiary. After all honey — the basic earnings for them.

has not stopped this day two friends and flood, the blessing asphalt road that winds round lake to an apiary, only has a little impounded.

On Tuesday, on April, 17th, Vasily Kulikov ljubovno has harnessed Zorku - a red mare - desjatiletku, has fitted a metal cart and has fetched the friend - bee-keeper Vasily Golachevym. An apiary of the man have reached without adventures, back did not hurry — hands have yearned on work for long winter. It would not be desirable to come back back, but it is necessary.

Zorka slowly carried two friends, is loud pljuhaja on thawed snow hoofs. Also has suddenly stumbled and has jumped aside straight in lake, dragging away behind itself friends on a cart. Men have not become puzzled, have there and then come off a britska, have rushed to cut a bit to release Zorku from a heavy vehicle. That rushed about and pulled on depth. During any moment in ice water men nevertheless managed to push a horse to coast. But to get out could not any more. From styloj spring water a spasm has reduced hands and feet, a body pulled under water. Two Vasilys self-denyingly rescuing the wet nurse, this day did not become....

of attempts of men to pull out the animal from water was observed in the field-glass by one of employees of Oksky biospheric reserve. Having seen that men have not got out on coast, it has there and then rushed to Lakashinsky rural administration. There have collected the people and have rushed to the aid, having called from the regional centre a brigade of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. But was late. Peasants have found Vasily Kulikova near to coast the same day. And the brigade of rescuers by two boats searches for Vasily Golacheva`s body till now. Zorka observes of searches from other coast of lake.

Local residents tell that on April, 1st 1991 on lake during flood there was just the same history. However, then the horse with a cart could get out on road independently. However without victims has not managed. On supplies went the four peasants one of which has sunk.