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To the Hermitage have brought national treasures of Korea

the Question on its carrying out art dealers for the first time have discussed in 1991. Planned that masterpieces of the Korean art will arrive to the Hermitage in a year - two. Process was tightened not because of critics: political changes, economic crises have affected.
and only now more than three hundred unique exhibits « the Wind in pines: 5000 years of the Korean art » all interested persons can see.

- Korea occupies special position in East Asia, - the director of the National museum of Korea Choj Kvan - the Glamour has noted. - on the one hand, our country historically is under strong influence of the Chinese culture. On the other hand, in Korea there is an own original religion. At us the customs, the writing, the art traditions.

by the way, selected exhibits for an exhibition employees of the Hermitage, informs 100 . Art dealers told that   among the brought subjects there are absolutely unique things which carry the status « national treasure ».