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Rail Sarbaev the Prime minister has charged to the mayor of Ufa to liquidate turn in kindergartens

- the minister of RB Rail Sarbaev has charged to the head of administration of capital to Paul Kachkaevu to develop the special program on liquidation of deficiency of places in kindergartens. About it «» have told in a press - department service. So, on by data for January, 1st, turn in the Ufa kindergartens made 17 269 persons.

- Congestion of kindergartens makes 130 - 140 %., - the prime minister - minister Rail Sarbaev has noted , - and it is valid for many parents the big problem – to arrange the child in preschool centre. Some stand in line into place in DOW literally right after births of the child.

- Rail Salihovich has charged to develop the special long-term program, - the head of capital speaks , - and we will present it for discussion on one of Government sessions.

the Prime minister in the answer has underlined that single measures - input of one preschool centre in a year - a problem not to remove, the complex program is necessary.