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Israel will release all participants freedom Flotillas

the Authorities of Israel have agreed to release all arrested persons at capture going with the humanitarian help in Gaza Strip « freedom Flotillas » including those whom earlier were going to bring to court.

« It was the world action, and such aggressive reaction was the present shock for us. People were lost. And more it is not known, how my relatives will cope with a psychological trauma when will come back home » - quote « to Conduct. ru » Stinu Gardel, the sister of the active worker from Sweden.

it was originally planned to deport only those arrested persons who did not participate in skirmishes with the Israeli special troops. But the protest actions which have passed in many countries of the world, and also official statements of representatives of EU, Security Council of the United Nations and League of the Arabian countries, have urged Israel to declare that all foreigners will be released for two days.

124 citizens of the Arabian states have already arrived to Jordan, informs ITAR - TASS.

Also the authorities of Israel against the amplified intensity in relations with Turkey have started to repatriation from Ankara members of families of diplomatic corps, passes Bi - Bi - Si.

we Will remind that on Monday as a result of an attack   Naval Forces of Israel on   the international flotilla with the humanitarian help for Gaza Strip 9 persons were lost, according to all available information, 30 more have got wounds of different severity level.

Among wounded men there was the leader of radical Islamic movement in Israel sheikh Raed Salah and head of the Lebanese humanitarian mission doctor Hani Sulejman.

As a result of incident a number of the countries has denounced actions of the Israeli military men, and Turkey already declared a response of the ambassador from Israel.