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The Yaroslavl kiddies will Already play music with Byelorussians

some days in Russia pass days of slavonic writing and culture. It is quite natural that the ancient city of Yaroslavl marking in this year 1000 - summer anniversary, has joined commemorating. So the Yaroslavl kiddies from « the Belarus cultural association » tomorrow, on May, 20th, will take part in the next Moscow international festival of slavonic music which will last till May, 27th. The festival will be devoted the Belarus culture and traditions. Together with jaroslavtsami children will take part in it from different regions of Russia and Belarus.

In Yaroslavl commemorating will begin on May, 22nd and anniversary year for Yaroslavl will be the basic accent at exhibitions and concerts. It is difficult to find the person who would not know about 1000 - letii a city but very few people knows that same year 825 years to a monument of the Old Russian literature « are executed; to the Song of Igor`s Campaign? » Which has been found out in Yaroslavl. Therefore days of slavonic writing and culture for Yaroslavl this time - especially significant event.