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From - for quarrels with favourite the inhabitant of Volgograd was dumped from the bridge on high-voltage wires

state of emergency has occurred yesterday about nine o`clock in the evening in Krasnoarmeysk area of Volgograd. 33 - the summer man has got through a bridge protection in the street 40 years VLKSM and began to shout, any more does not want to live. The eyewitnesses who are passing nearby, have heard shouts and at once have called all life-saving services of a city. Into place one of the first there have arrived psychologists. They began to persuade him not to do it and to go down downwards.


the Young man have taken to hospital

- However it did not react to requests, and all time shouted that they have left the girlfriend that she has stopped loving it, so, to live to it now there is no need, - speaks   Igor PANCHEHIN, the inspector Krasnoarmejsky FROM SOU SKP the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region.

During any moment the man has stumbled and has broken downwards. It has fallen directly to wires LEP which is settling down below and has received the strongest blow by a current. But, fortunately, remained it is live. Moreover, has not fainted at all. Doctors « fast » at once delivered it in one of the Volgograd hospitals, - the municipal service of rescue informs .