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In Voronezh from the beginning of year vegetables and fruit

Voronezhstat almost have twice risen in price has published the next report on change of the prices from the beginning of year. Oshchutimee all products have risen in price. If to compare the present prices with December,   they have grown for 3,7 percent, and for one only May   - for one percent. Fresh vegetables and fruit have especially sharply risen in price: belokochannaja cabbage — twice, the prices for carrots, an onion, a beet, bananas, apples, lemons and grapes have grown from 10 to 91 percent.   today the minimum set of foodstuff will manage in 2199 roubles that for 6,5 percent above, than in December of last year.

the Prices on neprodovolstvennye too constantly grow, but not so intensively. From the beginning of year they have increased by 1,6 percent. Approach of summer and the raised demand for children`s clothes have called a rise in prices for T-shirts and pants, dresses and blouses, sandalety - from five to 10 percent. - eight percent have risen in price for five female dresses, man`s trousers and building materials (boards, cement). And here roofing material, cellular telephones, colour TVs and separate medicines   even have fallen in price.

Tariffs for services for the population from the beginning of year have lowered rates of increase: they have increased by 3,1 percent.   have as much as possible risen in price network gas (for 17,9 %), heating (on 12,6 %), cold, hot water supply and the water drain (on 6,6 % and 9,3 %), the electric power (on 10 %), tariffs for journey in a suburban train (on 9,8 %), services of post and cable communication (on 16,7 % and 24,5 %).