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The Lithuanian conservatives have declared war to local manufacturers of moonshine

Eight representatives of the Lithuanian party the Fatherland Union - Christian democrats have acted in parliament with the initiative on toughening of penalties for manufacturers, sellers and suppliers of moonshine.

Deputies suggest to increase three times penalties for inadequate storage, delivery and realisation of the goods assessed with the excise, and also support introduction of penalties for those who will allow to cook moonshine in own premises.

They suggest to fine also persons illegally making, storing and transporting a moonshine considerable quantity - more than 49 litres even if they did not plan them to sell.

It is offered to increase imprisonment term for moonshine realisation in this quantity with 5 till 7 years.

to the Criminal code and the Code of administrative offences deputies have registered Corresponding amendments in the Diet on Tuesday. Among initiators of the project the chairman of parliamentary Committee on public health services of Antanas Matulas and Minister of Agriculture Kazis Strakjavichjus.

For manufacture, storage and realisation of moonshine and other strong alcoholic drinks in small amounts it is offered to enter the penalty at the rate from 500 to 2 000 lits (from 170 to 700 USD). Now the penalty for similar acts makes 300 - 1000 lits (from 100 to 350 USD).

For infringement of storage conditions, deliveries, realisations, it is offered to punish uses of the goods assessed with the excise the penalty from 300 to 1000 lits (from 100 to 350 USD). Now it leaves from 100 to 300 lits (from 35 to 100 USD), informs « the Lithuanian courier ».