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The citizen of Ukraine has stolen at the Muscovite of the son

Employees of the Department of Internal Affairs on Severo - to East administrative district and the Departments of Internal Affairs on a railway transportation all night long searched for the two-year inhabitant of Alekseevsky area of capital Evgenie F

As was found out, on Tuesday, in 22. 00, the boy, having used its trustfulness 29 - summer mum, has stolen 47 - summer coming from Ukraine Natalia Kireeva.

Mother of the child has asked Natalia to look after the little son, but Kireeva has disappeared with the boy, having left a note: Has gone to a city Danilov of Yaroslavl region .

Employees of the Department of Internal Affairs on a railway transportation have detained the thief already on Wednesday night at station Yaroslavl - Main . The child is returned mother.

- Preliminary investigation has shown, - have told in the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, - that   earlier repeatedly sudimaja Kireeva sat on one zone with two-year Evgenie`s native grandmother. Kireeva helped the Muscovite to adapt with a colony. And when Kireevoj time for freedom has come to leave, she has demanded in gratitude to help it to find work. Then the native grandmother of the boy has written it the letter of recommendation which Kireeva has passed mother of the boy. It became the nurse for the child. Sat with it, has not turned up yet any the businessman in Yaroslavl.

Inspectors assume that speech, most likely, goes about swindle. The boy was necessary to it to turn any the businessman. By the way, when Kireeva has stolen the child, parents repeatedly called to it and demanded to return the boy. But Kireeva has not reacted.

that fact Is interesting also that when at Kireevoj have taken away the child, employees of regional Office of Public Prosecutor have released it on freedom, without having seen in its actions of structure of a crime. About it the Office of Public Prosecutor was asked by parents of the child as the grandmother of the boy still serves time in prison, and they worry for its security.