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In Barnaul the doctor - the neurologist wrote out inquiries with lime diagnoses

since April, 2009 the doctor - the neurologist of one of the Barnaul hospitals helped recruits « otkosit » from army – wrote out inquiries with the lime diagnosis. 42 - summer   the woman was a part military - the medical commission in Regional assembly point.

the Doctor has thought over also the plan of reception of a bribe. That all looked as much as possible plausibly, even learnt with recruits their symptoms « diagnoses ». To one of not wishing to minister has suggested to replace a residence that it could help it with the fictitious inquiry. For the services the doctor took from 10 to 30 thousand roubles.

All it is proved ten facts of reception of a bribe. Criminal cases on ch are raised. 2 items 290 (« reception of a bribe by the official ») and item 292 (« office forgery ») . Under the first article the woman is threatened with punishment till three years of imprisonment with right deprivation to occupy supervising posts, on the second – till two years of imprisonment. Business is passed in court.