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Inhabitants of the Kirov region eat few useful products

Experts of Rospotreba analyzed given Kirovstata about consumption of products by families of the Kirov region, received on a technique « Inspection of budgets of house economy ».
It has appeared that kirovchane not so correctly eat. So, on the general caloric content and security fibers the area population receives a diet adequate to requirement. But we eat separate products which in a considerable quantity are not so useful to our health - sugar, sour cream, cheese, eggs, sausages, sausages much. It turns out that we consume superfluous quantity of the general fats, cholesterol and the sated fats. And here   difficult carbohydrates, and it is vegetables, fruit, groats and grain products, we eat a little. For example, for a healthy food to choose bread with bran more correctly, and kirovchane prefer confectionery and white bread.
Proceeding from it, in Rospotrebe have drawn a conclusion that inhabitants of the Kirov region test   deficiency in eating fibres, an omega - 3 - PNZHK, kaltsii and magnesium, iodine, vitamins 1, 2, RR, 6 and 12, E
That it was not, to us recommend to eat more often vegetables, fruit, dairy products with the low maintenance of fat, fish.