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Whom to authorise

  Hardly someone,   looking at glamour Paul Astakhov, could think that it will show such activity in a role of the representative by the rights of the child. However the reality has appeared better expectations: similar, for Russian   children now really is to whom to intercede. Soon authorised by the rights of the child can appear and in the Tomsk region.

the Law on the representative was accepted on May, 27th by the regional Duma. Against the representative of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nikolay Kirillov -   was voiced only; in its opinion, this post absolutely superfluous. Boris Maltsev, in turn, has reminded that the United Nations which have accepted the Convention by the rights of the child, consider differently. Not only at federation level, but also in many regions such post already exists. And at our neighbours – Krasnoyarsk citizens and kemerovchan – the institute of the representative has appeared in 2003. And only the educated Tomsk region, on expression of the speaker, « Saved on it 6 roubles ».

  - Not on that you want to save, - Maltsev has summed up.

  On a press - conferences which traditionally passes during a break, he has informed that it already has also a nominee on this fast. He/she is the chief of regional department concerning a family and children Lyudmila Eftimovich, « the person very decent, kind, responsible, with a work wide experience in this   to sphere ». A question on the representative the speaker named very important: annually in Russia is exposed to violence of 100 thousand children.

  - I am very glad that the law has appeared. However, there were attempts to make the representative subordinate of administration, but I categorically against – I consider that it should be absolutely independent of the power.

  Can   a leah to be independent of the power it is a lot of years     Lyudmila Eftimovich who has worked in administration? At all respect many to such probability are sceptical about it. One more occasion to scepticism ministers   other law - « About the representative       under human rights in the Tomsk region ». It has been accepted in 2005, and the representative is not appointed till now. A leah will repeat the new law   destiny of the predecessor?

  It seems that will not repeat. But mainly because Paul Astakhov as the speaker was expressed, is literally « does not give the rest power ». As to nominees on both fasts – and the representative under human rights, and the representative by the rights of the child - here Maltsev hopes for the public on a broader scale and journalists in particular. They should prompt names of people,   worthy to occupy these responsible posts. We suggest also to our readers to express the opinion – Who, in your opinion, is worthy to protect human rights on a broader scale and the child in particular in territory of the Tomsk region? It is necessary, that it there was a person capable sincerely to empathize to another`s misfortune, and to empathize not passively (such at us though take away), and is active. But it is not less important, probably, that it had necessary legal knowledge. However, these requirements are not registered in the law. As well as the requirement « to possess authority » - it has been excluded from the text on an insisting of Office of Public Prosecutor. And here the requirement to age remains – the representative   should be not less than 35 years.