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In Chelyabinsk swindlers entice old men by cars and money

It seems that swindlers leave on hunting by attacks – at once for a week will clean some victims and go underground, that them have not caught. And when they undertake next time a craft, it is not known. This week speculators work at the full capacity and have already received rich ulov – has suffered three old men, to everyone deceivers have found the approach.

Yesterday 87 - the summer grandfather « has presented » to the villain of 11 thousand roubles. The stranger has come on a visit under the pretext of the employee of city administration and has informed a joyful message – the pensioner has acquired the right to preferential turn to the car. However, to accelerate process, it is necessary to pay seven thousand roubles. The grandfather has given money, but it to the criminal was a little – he has asked to drink waters and while the owner of apartment pottered on kitchen, that has stolen its purse with the rests of pension and has run away.

to Other pensioner by phone have promised a prize in 200 thousand roubles. Only, according to a legend to receive money, before it was necessary to pay the tax in 22 thousand 600 roubles. 78 - the summer grandfather without reflecting has given savings and it was converted into militia only next day when the impudent criminal has understood the impunity and has again called a victim: « the tax Sum has unexpectedly raised to 54 thousand! ». Now the deceiver is searched by militia.

Last victim - 85 - the summer grandmother who has given lzhe - to sanitary technicians of 12 thousand roubles. They have told that have come on the instructions of administration of area and can repair to the woman of a pipe at reduced price. Took from the pensioner a down payment in three thousand for now the second swindler examined pipes and distracted the mistress of apartment, its workmate cleaned a purse of the old woman.

- do not believe swindlers, under what pretext they would not entice at you money, - ask in the Department of Internal Affairs of a city of Chelyabinsk. - If the unknown person is represented the employee of administration, the social worker someone else, necessarily call back in the named organisation and check up the information. It you save the savings. If the crime all - taki has occurred, inform in a call centre of the Department of Internal Affairs across Chelyabinsk by phones: 267 - 77 - 07, 267 - 77 - 04 or on « 02 ».