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In Petersburg the art exhibition, written has opened...

All has begun a theatrical make-up with a theatrical circle where in the childhood Victor Berdakov has got. For the Leningrad boy akterstvo became the present passion. And in seven years Victor has drawn for the first time a picture … a theatrical make-up. It has represented a head of a cock, and drawing named « the Cock in two days after Yury Gagarin`s flight in space ». Really it has occurred on April, 14th, 1961. Already in the childhood the beginning artist differed originality. Besides in work it does not use a brush, draws exclusively fingers.

- same a live material, it it is necessary to feel the Make-up, - has told « the actor and director Victor Berdakov. - And all my pictures are very emotional, they pass my internal state.  

Victor Berdakov draws pictures in a genre light grief.
a photo: Katerina FILIPPOVA

Today at Victor already more than four hundred pictures. But at an exhibition « the Make-up - experts » in the Museum - the Block apartment can see only 38 .


- I simply give more often to people drawings, - Victor has added. – they are stored in private collections worldwide: Bulgaria, Germany, Cuba, Poland, the USA and France.

to the Artist often say that its pictures gloomy. Really you will not find bright paints: red, dark blue, green. Prevail grey, beige tone. Victor names the works as light grief. From outside it seems that they are drawn by a water colour. After all a make-up a material soft, but Victor does not do the big dabs as by butter, at it the special technics. By the way, anybody is more all over the world so does not draw.



Natasha Rostova. Andrey Bolkonsky`s death. Look more photo
the Photo: Katerina FILIPPOVA

In an exposition there are Victor`s some self-portraits. The artist has represented itself in a role of the clown from performance « the King and the clown » where played. Practically on all works characters familiar to us from the literature are written. Natasha Rostova looks at the spectator the enormous eyes.

- She endures Andrey Bolkonsky`s death so I see its travails, - Victor has explained.

Admirers « Over a precipice in a rye » will see, how their favourite hero Holden, in the neighbourhood the Master and Margarita looks.

the Exhibition passes in the Museum - Block apartment in the street Decembrists, 57 till June, 30th.