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Memorial Mum have opened under a torrential rain

the Photo: Shestak Yury

on June, 1st tjumentsy have seen a monument « Mum ». It have established literally a day before opening. The territory accomplishment in square on crossing of streets Sverdlova and Komsomol proceeded up to the solemn ceremony beginning. Workers in a hurry transplanted flowers in a bed, put in order territory round a monument.

People was not so   it is a lot of, probably because there was a rain. But those who was, have come on heart call. Valery Borisov, the head of a justice of the Central district of Tyumen, has begun the speech by words from a known poem with the childhood: « In all sincerity, simple words, let`s talk friends about mum … » it was pleasant to hear that the sculpture is established not for budget money, and on means of businessmen, public organisations and simple townspeople. According to Valery Ivanovicha, authors worked on a sculptural composition during eight and a half months. That is quite symbolical, because young mum on a pedestal with children obviously waits for one more child. Symbolically and that have established a monument near to perinatalnym the centre.

- As though with   me modeled, - notices Alfija   Kabirova, the head public   the organisations « We together ». - I too three children and more will have a girl. The motherhood is the most important part in life of the woman, but in our modern world it is more and more removed on a background. Career, the every possible blessings have sometimes where bolshee value. Actually there is nothing stronger and serious for the woman, than to give birth and nurture the child the happy.