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Kuzbassovets in a train has robed Chineses

Two submitted China have decided to spend holiday in Russia, to be exact at the friend in Mezhdurechensk. Have collected suitcases, have bought train tickets and have started on the journey. But already in a way long-awaited vacation has been almost spoilt. At one of travellers   all documents, 15000 roubles and cellular telephones have suddenly disappeared. Thus with all listed it did not let a handbag go. The woman has complained to guides, and those have already contacted transport militia.

- After poll of victims, we have passed to possible witnesses: to guides, neighbours on a reserved seat and involuntarily our attention has involved novokuznechanin, sat down in a train in Krasnoyarsk, - tells operupolnomochennyj groups of criminal investigation department the BREAKAGE at station Prokopevsk Anton Konotoptsev. - It was in fair podpitii and on accurately put questions of field investigators gave evasive muffled answers. 1970 year of birth have decided to check up the native of Novokuznetsk more in details. It was found out that it has spent 17 years of the conscious life in places of confinement.

Field investigators have checked up its berth, and have found documents and phone. Later in branch it has pulled out money from a sock. According to the suspect, it akkuratnenko has pulled out a handbag from - under pillows when the proprietress of a handbag has fallen asleep. Thus the pilferer sincerely believed, what even at loss detection, Chineses will not make noise as do not know language. But it has appeared that women know Russian. They work as translators, therefore tell about the problem could.

For fulfilment of the next theft concerning the arrested person the next criminal case is brought.