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The list gone on Teletsky lake

Department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Altay territory is published has published the preliminary list of the tourists who were missing on Monday on Teletsky lake in republic. According to rescuers, among gone - 12 - the summer girl.

« We have published the preliminary list of passengers of the turned over boat - both survived, and missing persons. Among the four people which destiny is unknown, presumably, the girl, 1999 year of birth » - the informed interlocutor in department has told.

As he said, tourists did not make one organised group -   « it is simple people who had a rest here and have gone on walk on lake on this boat » - informs RIA « News ».

the List of the escaped passengers:

1. Gusev Olga Nikolaevna

2. Khudyakov Elena Evgenevna

3. Khudyakov Evgenie Nikolaevich

4. Sokolov Nikolay Nikolaevich

5. Gusev Artem Vladimirovich

6. Gusev Vladimir Alekseevich

7. Khudyakov Irina Nikolaevna

8. Khudyakov Alexey Evgenevich

9. Kazantsev Yury Jurevich

Was missing:

1. Khudyakov Tatyana Dmitrievna, 1966 year of birth

2. Juhnenko Valery Nikolaevich, 1971 year of birth

3. Juhnenko Svetlana Viktorovna, 1971 year of birth

4. Juhnenko Julia Valerevna, 1999 year of birth

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