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Under Kuvandykom in a minibus 5 persons

road accident were lost there was yesterday about 10 mornings around settlement a Sarai on an Orsk line. As eyewitnesses, routeing " speak; the Gazelle went from Novotroitsk to Orenburg. Basically in it students leaving home on feasts came back in the regional centre.

- Weather was extremely abomination. Since morning there was a small snowball, he had not time to thaw, and on proezzhej parts was formed naled, - have told in traffic police of Orsk.

the Driver of a minibus has gone on passing and, probably, from - for low visibility has not calculated distance to transport moving on a counter strip and the speed. It directly a forehead in a forehead has flown in cargo the Gazelle . Five passengers of a minibus have died even before arrival Fast . Five More person have been delivered in the nearest settlement - city hospital 1 Novotroitsk. One of victims in extremely grave condition, there were suspicions that it will not transfer road, but, fortunately, they have not justified.

- All victims - young men with a Novotroitsk residence permit. 19 - the summer guy delivered in a clod and at once have sent in resuscitation where have operated. 21 - the summer girl sitting on a forward seat, has received lacerations of the person, after rendering of medical aid it have released home. Three More persons delivered with various traumas, a brain concussion and plural bruises, - the nurse of fracture clinic of city hospital on duty 1 Novotroitsk has informed.

Into place for finding-out of the reasons happened representatives of law enforcement bodies at once have left Orenburg. According to preliminary data, the driver of a passenger minibus is guilty. As have explained in traffic police of Orsk, people were lost from - for non-observance of elementary rules of behaviour by it on proezzhej parts, to choose speed it is necessary taking into account weather conditions. Especially among local residents this kilometre of road is considered the extremely dangerous and bad place for motorists, cars here fight regularly.


threatens the Driver of 10 years of prison

the Senior legal adviser of traffic police of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Orenburg region Andrey podushkin:

- Passenger the Gazelle following to Orenburg, was not on a route, this day the driver worked to order. It carried 12 passengers. For an instant it has distracted from road and when has noticed the truck coming nearer towards, has suddenly run away, the car began to wag on wet road. It has brought on a counter strip. From blow by back right side in a waggon forehead passenger the Gazelle has cast away in a ditch, and the truck has turned over and remained to lie on a line. From blow four passengers of a minibus and one passenger of the truck who was " were lost; Under an outset it is loaded boxes with vodka.

Nine victims, two from which in very grave condition, have been delivered in hospitals of Novotroitsk, Mednogorska and Kuvandyka. The driver of the truck has got off with easy bruises. 23 - the summer driver passenger Gazelles with concussion of a brain and suspicion on a backbone trauma now on a hospital cot. Under the law it is threatened now with criminal article and till 10 years of imprisonment.

This turn on settlement the Sarai has got for a long time to itself ill fame - in mount lowland very much low visibility, in the winter constant blizzards. About 6 years ago the State traffic inspectorate and dorozhniki even have decided to clean here turn, and that cars fought almost every day. As a result of road became a straight line, but the quantity of failures has not decreased.