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On roads of Kazan strong ice

is expected - I already on winter go for a drive, - the acquaintance when speech has come about moroztse in the street and snow porridge on road has informed.

Instead of a leah rather early to prepare for frosts and ice? This question now stirs also motorists, and bezloshadnyh citizens of Kazan. And for that to all of us to wait from the whimsical young woman - weathers.

the First frosty days have shown that many are not ready to unexpectedly fallen down winter. Failures during week-end occurred then, there. However, day of the tinman meanwhile was not. But, quite probably, only because to freeze slightly the beginning in feasts.

Meanwhile in specialised shops meanwhile demand for winter rubber not such and big. Though experts advise: it is time to change the shoes . Especially that who goes on a line.

- If on city streets sand roads and salt and all ice resolves, already through 50 kilometres from a city is very much felt that do not go, and slide, - advisers of one of autoshops of Kazan have explained to us. - at minus temperature summer rubber bursts and will not serve to you long. And at winter tyres rubber structure absolutely another also is intended for minus temperatures. So it is better to pass to winter rubber, for own security.

By the way, the public transport has already partially passed to winter rubber.

Meanwhile the Kazan streets already sand also salt. As have informed in a city administration, all specialised technics it is resulted in full readiness . However, from - that snowfalls while are not present, all it works in a mode on duty: both in the morning, and at night regularly strews city streets pesko - a hydrochloric mix.

For the cleared days on the Kazan roads already poured out about 500 tons. To in total city every year leaves 100 - 140 thousand tons of a mix.

By the way, this year snow will clean with bolshej territories - not only from roads, but also from court yard.

As a weather?

Heat the Winter to Tatarstan is not expected

has come, as always, unexpectedly. However, many townspeople have sighed with simplification - this year habitual a season of rains and slush was not. From dry autumn we smoothly have passed to dry winter.

Within the next few days and for the weekend republic hydrometeorological centre predicts cold weather without any precipitations. Temperature in the afternoon - 4... - 6, at night to - 10. However be vigilant: to receive crisis out of the blue as easy as shelling pears - places on roads a strong glaze ice.