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Lynx from Irkutsk zoogallery have married to Krasnodar

to Give a paw and heart not to somebody, and the hot Kuban male. Such happiness has dropped out lynxes the Harmony of Irkutsk zoogallery. Employees have solved: has come it is time to give the maid in marriage. And here and the groom on horizon has appeared. And from the Krasnodar where the climate for spotty is much better, than in Siberia.
- we were called by colleagues from the Krasnodar zoo and have asked to the Harmony for the local male, - the director of zoogallery Lyudmila IVUSHKINA tells. - it was necessary to offer our beauty. We very much loved it, it such beautiful...
prepared the Harmony for moving thoroughly. That having a tail have started up in the plane, it was necessary to make all tests, a cage special for transportation of animals to buy. On all it has left hardly more month.
- flight our Ladochka has transferred well, live - healthy has landed, - Lyudmila tells.
now spotty a month grows roots in a new open-air cage. And the Kuban groom lives nearby - in the next cage. Waits, when Harmony will get used to new to apartment and to it too. To start up a couple to each other workers of a zoo while are afraid.
- a harmony it was nurtured in circus. Before grooms at it was not. Time is necessary to get used to new to the neighbour, - Lyudmila tells. - and when the spring will come also wedded instincts at both will leap, then a couple and will lodge in one cage.
to a harmony have really sent in zoogallery from circus. Have told supposedly uncontrollable it became, nervous, circus tricks does not suit any more.
- but it really original person was. We have redeemed it for 15 thousand roubles. It is expensive enough to a lynx, - Lyudmila tells. - circus actors strongly beat her from - that she did not obey them. It became a pity to us having a tail, and we to ourselves have taken away it. And now here it was necessary to leave.
Into place Frets have already lodged a nine-year hamadryad. It was given too here by local circus actors.
the Harmony has given to the spotty gentleman a paw and heart.
a photo: PYHALOVA Julia