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School salaries should leave to teachers, instead of managers!

in for November, 2nd (a material Free prodlenki any more will not be? ) We have written that with introduction of standard financing have decided to save a part of the Chelyabinsk schools: have reduced rates of teachers which conduct groups of the prolonged day.  

The sight at a problem has voiced Chelyabinsk vitse - governor Andrey Kosilov:
- No objective preconditions for reduction of pedagogical rates are present! Pupils at the Chelyabinsk schools becomes less (two years ago was 105 thousand persons, now 93 thousand), and the payment fund constantly increases. In 2006 for salaries have allocated billion roubles, in it is on 318 million more. Besides, Chelyabinsk has in addition received 220 million: on training of invalids, correctional education, not state educational institutions and so on.

So about underfinancing of schools cannot be and speeches. A problem in other. We spent checks and have found out that now teachers manage only half of fund of payment. Many directors start up the rest on administrative apparatus, accounts department and so on. Which - where even to mechanics pay the salary! We demand from schools that 70 % of a wages fund left to teachers.
standard financing at all does not mean that money at schools will be less. Means it is allocated more! And here control over an expenditure of means becomes more rigid.