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Old men should die at home?

at night the status of mum has worsened even more, we called doctors two more times, but to bring it to hospital they have refused. Have told, they have an order of the heads of not older persons to take more senior 80 years. A leah truth exists such document, a leah doctors lawfully arrive?
Anna, village Big Kozino, Balahninsky area.

We were converted behind the answer to this question to head physician MLPU Station of the first help to Alexander LOGASHOVU:

- No orders and orders in this respect exist. And the age of the patient here is not important - though 80 years to the patient, though hundred! The decision to take away the patient in clinic or not, the doctor " accepts; first aid but it depends only on weight of disease and from a status of the patient. There are cases when hospitalisation is simply counter-indicative: The person cannot be transported by the car as it can become his death reason. Then to the patient order rest and leave on hands at relatives.

Today we knew that mum of Anna has died. Despite requests of relatives, doctors and did not hospitalise the woman.