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Ice collects the first a victim

For last days employees of Management of traffic police have registered in two and a half time of more failures, than usually: 278 instead of 115 road accidents. The quantity of victims has increased also: 39 persons instead of 17 - 19.

- Apparently, drivers had not time to be prepared properly in winter, - the chief of department of propagation UGIBDD considers the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Nizhniy Novgorod region Igor MIHAJLUSHKIN. - Ice, as usual, has appeared unexpectedly, and now it is necessary to be especially accurate and careful on road. Therefore all I urgently recommend to execute simple, but necessary actions: to replace summer rubber on winter to fill in in a radiator and a tank for washing of glasses instead of water nezamerzajku to change brushes on yard keepers . And certainly, not to break at all a high-speed mode.

we Will remind, when the temperature keeps on a mark about the zero, bridges and viaducts become the most dangerous sites on road. On a line can and not to be naledi, and on these sites the thin ice crust which frequently and leads dorozhno - to transport incidents is formed.

at the same time, pedestrians while are accurater and are organised, than drivers. For the last days in fracture clinics of Nizhni Novgorod any agiotage it was not observed.

- to us only one woman who has suffered from - for ice today was converted, - have informed us in fracture clinic of Prioksky area. - has fallen on road, ushibla a hand. We have examined it and home have sent. More serious cases yet was not.